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Considering charting some bass songs "newb" charter advice/help



Hi, I am totally digging this cdlc and I'd like to possibly get into some bass charting. I've watched the tutorial videos several times already and find it interesting. So first off, can I use ANY tab or does it have to have music sound already attached to it like songster or ultimate guitar pro. Second, does any charter have any advice for someone just starting out? Is there a super simple song I can get my feet wet with? Any advice is SOOO welcomed. Is there a way...short of playing it with the song...to identify beforehand how accurate the tab is?


I'm thinking maybe trying last kiss from pearl jam. I know the song already, so it might be easy for me to chart.

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To make things super easy and quick for me... I usually find a tab off of UltimateGuitar (1st Choice) or Songsterr (2nd Choice). Bass charting should be very simple. Usually, if you line the bass tab up in EoF, the guitar parts should be pretty spot on. What I usually use to map out the song's BPM's in a program called Sonic Visualizer (there should be a tutorial somewhere on this site on using that). I will then put it into EoF, add the Leading Silence (5000 milliseconds), and then add the tab. Sometimes the Sonic Visualiser ends up giving you double the bpm you need, thus being useless for you, or it'll be precise. If it's precise, then following these steps, your tab should be all synced up. 


When looking for a tone, import the tone from another dlc (using the import function at the bottom of the Rocksmith Toolkit in the Tones section) with a similar sounding tone.


Just a little of advice on how I complete mine. Practice (and time) makes perfect, and there are many guides and tutorials here on this site that will greatly help you out.


If you have any questions, first look for a forum/post, and if you can't find it, you can ask me, and I'll try to help you out.

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