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Can't adust tone volume


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I'm sure this is a FAQ that I'm overlooking, so feel free to link me in the right direction..


I'm attempting to adjust the tone volume on a few songs, where the guitar is coming out much louder than the song. I'm able to load an existing .psarc file without issue, but any attempts to adjust either the song volume from the main screen, or the tone volume on any individual tone seems to be making no different once I 'Generate' and save over my previous copy.


It is almost like the game has somehow cached my previous version and doesn't register that a new one is there (I do restart the game between attempts). I'm not making tiny changes - I'm pretty sure I've gone from the -20 value it started at up to 0. I'd expect the guitar volume to be effectively off at that point!


Seeking the obvious thing I'm missing to make this work...

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So... I simply started over once again, but this time around I saved the file with a new filename ("v2" instead of "v1"). It began working as I expected. What's odd is that I didn't get rid of the v1 file...


I'm not sure if creating a second file was really related, but I have it where I want it I think so ... yay.

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When I make customs, one of the things that has consistently worked fine for a long time is adjusting tone volumes.  I build it with a tone volume, test it, build it again, test it etc etc.  In between builds I erase the version from my dlc folder and I also MANUALLY erase the one from my project folder i.e. DO NOT let the toolkit overwrite the old .psarc with the new one.  I had trouble with it a few toolkit versions ago and I got into a certain habit, I dunno if it has since been addressed in the toolkit (sounds like its still an issue tbh, or you are using an old toolkit?).


Also, its worth noting that the scales are a bit funny and opposite



Song volume - the closer to zero the louder it is


Tone volume - the further from zero the louder it is





Have fun :D

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