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Fixed Black Sabbath Paranoid from locking up RS2014 PC



Had to go through 156 songs to find the screwed up song.  So at one time Paranoid played without error but then it stopped playing all together. as soon as i would select it from the list it would lock up the game. So i removed it and started the game... And its still in the list. So i go song by song.. trying by file size seeing if i could find one close to the Paranoid version 1.4 i downloaded at almost 9 megs...  eventually i found an 11 megabyte AC/DC Song money talks and it was some how another version of Black Sabbath Paranoid...  deleted that ACDC Song  and Paranoid disappeared from the song list in RockSmith 2014 


Now when i put the latest version of paranoid in the DLC folder the game doesnt lock up when selecting Black Sabbath Paranoid 1.4


I Didnt know where to post this and that Song Paranoid hasnt shown up over here yet.  But i assume the creator remembers my post from smithyanvil and was wondering if i ever resolved the issue.   And some others were having the problem and maybe the Money Talks Song was the issue for them. 



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Thanks for coming here to let us know the solution.


If you or someone else has the same problem you can speed up the hunt for the bad song by doing a binary search instead of a linear one.  I did this on some songs that would crash RS before.



Pull half of the songs out of your folder, so only half load.

  If it now works, you know the bad one is the half you just pulled.

  If it doesn't work, you know the bad one is still in the current list.

Put in or keep only the known bad half.

Now cut that half in half so you just have 1/4 the original number.

  If it works, you know that the bad one is the 1/4 you just pulled.

  If it doesn't work, you know it's in the 1/4 that is still live.


You see how it goes, just keep halving the songs as you narrow it down.  If you have 1000 songs, this will allow you find the bad one in 10 tries max.

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