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Could use some help with correcting solo for Megadeth - 13


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I've created CDLC of 13 by Megadeth. I'm not a lead player myself (fast solo's scare the hell out of me ;)) so I didn't notice the solo's not being correct in the source, that was pointed out by another user. I've tried correcting it but there's too much not making sense in my mind: no notes when I can hear them, notes when I can't hear them, etc. Correcting a little sync issue and adding a note here and there I can do, but this is a bit too complicated and as such demotivating since there's almost no progress. Therefore, maybe you want to help!! I don't see myself finishing it at the moment.


To make it easy to help: you can find all the files I've used (notes.eof, .gp5, etc.) in the following link: https://mega.co.nz/#F!T943XB6T!m7QOuGKxgEgjdbWCgBndBg. Problems lie in measure 112 to 136 as far as I can see in the lead arrangement (Lead RS in .GP5 file, PART REAL_GUITAR_22_RS2 in .EoF). 


I've been looking for other sources for a tab of the solo but didn't find any. Did find somebody playing it on a video though: https://www.jellynote.com/pt/partituras-tablaturas-versoes/megadeth/13/528e0bb1a6c1996365a5a90c#tabs:%23score_C,video:52d6e6f3c7be8c718a94dee1(3:25 and further).


EDIT: I found the tab for sale online (1.39 or so) so I bought it and have almost copied everything to Guitar Pro. I'll upload a new version soon, this is just a note not to dig into it while it's already solved (almost) :)).

All 'my' CDLC's are free to be improved upon and re-released by anybody. Constructive comments are welcome as well :)

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