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Ignition Pro Tips and FAQ



Hi, everybody!


I'm really glad to see so much positive feedback on Ignition, it's well appreciated! 


Here's a few things I'd like to point out since a lot of people asked: 


  1. New stuff since your last visit will still be displayed bold.
    But not the first time you visit Ignition (since Ignition doesn't know the time of your last visit yet). Come back after 24 hours and you'll see the new uploads bold again. 
  2. Some users are having trouble clicking the navigation buttons.
    I think this happens when they have a record overlay or context menu open. Whenever any of those are displayed, the main content is disabled so you can click anywhere in order to close the overlay or context menu. I've implemented a new layer today that darkens the disabled area to indicate this behavior. 
  3. Default sort order
    You can change your default sort order in the Search Settings (Cogwheel button). 
  4. Direct download without adding to or removing from Collection
    Ctrl-/Cmd-click on the Add-Button (Plus Sign) to directly open the main download link without adding the song to or removing it from your Collection.

There will probably be more tips to come, but that's all I can think of right now.


One more little thing: when you post an issue in our tracker please be as specific as you can. Please make sure to give an explanation on how to reproduce the issue, this makes the whole bugfixing process a lot easier and faster. 


Again, thank you everybody for all your valueable input and keep on rocking hard!

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