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PC > Mac convert gives a huge wall of errors


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Im using the latest build of the toolkit, my mono install is 3.4 as 3.10 on mac causes issues with the toolkit not to open and i read in another thread that 3.4 works solid (and it does as the toolkit now opens instead of bounce and quit).


Also redownloaded the song and tried again but failed again. This is also happening with other songs i downloaded so its not the songs or the toolkit.


Mono 3.4 might be the issue but thats the only one working with the toolkit for mac as far as i read up on here as 3.10 causes it to chrash after opening.


You mind uploading the brothers in arms file you created?

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There's a new version of Mono 3.10 that works fine with Yosemite.  Not sure about Mavericks because I've upgraded.  



As to the Converter, Xamarin has been shipping a known-broken version of Mono (v3.10.0) for a month or so now.  (See http://stackoverflow.com/a/26685351/147202) There's a fixed version available for download here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wrjnv7p8zj1rh5u/MonoFramework-MDK- (linked indirectly on the StackOverflow page).


Installing this version of Mono allowed me to run RocksmithCustomSongToolkit.app.

Here's the converted version of the song:
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Use the version of 3.10 that I posted above.  3.8 won't work.  Neither does the normal version of 3.10.


The version posted above is the version I have installed, and it works fine.  Just remember to uninstall any previous versions first, reboot, and then install the new version.

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I'm new to MAC.  How do I uninstall Mono?

I found a terminal script at the Mono site and uninstalled Mono.  I installed the fixed 3.10 version of Mono but the Mac Toolkit still gives me a huge wall of errors.  Tried with the Wineskin version (to use without Mono) and I also get the errors.

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