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Can't find an answer to this, thought I am sure it's here somewhere.


What's the situation with cdlc and tones. If a cdlc is downloaded will it sometimes have a custom tone with it, do I need to get custom tones somewhere separately, do cdlc use a tone from the game that is as close as possible, do I just need to select the closet tone that's already in rs2014 and if so are there suggestions for these or can I just not use custom tones with cdlc?


Think I have exhausted all the possibilities I can think of above :)



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If you are just downloading the customs then whoever made it will make the tone and it will be automatic for you when you play it.  If you are making the custom then you will need to make it on your own or just copy the settings from a ingame song thats close.  Sorry it wasnt clear if you were making a custom or just playing them.

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Sorry for not being clear, and thans for the replies


I am only playing the cdlc's can't read music so making them would be a bit of a bugger :)


So cdlc can have custom tones packages with them, ever existing custom rocksmith tones or custom tones made by the author, however it is possible that a cdlc is just lacking a ustom tone all together?


If that's the case would it be worth adding a ct (custom tone) column to the customs forge search page?



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i have download a big folder of XML files...so when i load them RS toolkit...it will generate successfully ....!! but when i start to play it doesn't work!!!  when i create a song...when i want overdrive..i just look up at some random XML OVERDRIVE files and i load them...and it doesn't work...!! :(
~~~~~~I'm having a doubt which XML file should i load for a particular song??! 
help me!

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