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Opinions on the AMPLIFi 75 needed


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Hi all,


I started out last year playing guitar when RS2014 was released. I bought an Ibanez SIR70FD and a Spider IV 15 amp from Line 6.


Now I'm thinking of buying the AMPLIFi 75 as it looks easy to use when trying out new sounds or finding a specific sound for just jamming or trying to mimic known artists.

I will probably add the FBV Express MK II footswitch from Line 6 as well.


Right now, when I play RS, I mostly split my guitar to play the sound through my amp while also sending the signal to my computer where I have turned down the guitarsound. Downside is I'm quite limited in matching the "correct" tone to the music I'm playing, especially if there are more than one tone used. With the pedal and AMPLIFi it is just a matter of storing the correct tone(s) and switching through them while playing a number containg more than one tone.


Does this sound like the way to go? Do any of you have any experience with the AMPLIFi - cons/pros? As I'm only going to use it at home I believe the 75 is plenty? Or would you recommend the 150 anyway (the price is almost the same)?


Second reason to choose the AMPLIFi is it will double as a (hopefully) better speaker for my TV as well as when I stream music from my computer.


Kind regards.

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I also have the spider IV 15 and I like it as a practice amp.


Not sure if Amplifi 75 is such a huge upgrade in terms of 'mimicing' certain guitar tones, after reading a few reviews about it.


I'd recommend testing it in a store. Of course you could order it online and send it back if it doesn't sound the way you imagined overall.


Speaker: Are you listening to music through the TV speakers? If so, the Amplifi could be a good buy for that matter.

I'm using a yamaha hi-fi system as my computer output, so those speakers might be a downgrade to me.

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Amplifi seems a bit gimmicky (with the IOS only control app).

Not sure how it sounds. I've got a Spider IV 75 - which is mono. The Amplifi is apparently Stereo and it has bluetooth streaming, so it could cut out clutter for some cables etc.

Personally, I'd rather be able to control the amp by using controls on the amp - rather than having to have a tablet nearby..

I'm all android (got rid of my iPhone in Dec last year - and not going back) so until they release an android control app, there's no point in me looking at it properly. I hear they may release one this month though?!

For home, 75 is way more than enough..  :)

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Thanks for the input. Aye, it may seem a bit gimmicky :) But I have a company issued iPhone anyway so that wont be a problem.


Right now I have a small stereo that I use for sound for my TV and music so the Amplifi would definitely be an upgrade.

Along with the possibility of making tons of tones fairly easy I think its a good upgrade from my Spider IV 15, instead of investing in various pedals.


I plan on purchasing it in roughly 14 days so if you have some great arguments to the contrary, please post them and point me in another direction :D



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