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String height with new guitar and bass


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Need some advice guys about string height from the fretboard. I've googled plenty and there is a lot of information out there about changing the action on guitars from the bridge or from the neck, but never seems concrete on what to do.


On receiving my new guitars I noticed string buzzing coming from the strings being to close to the fretboard. On my bass I first tried raising my bridge for each string, but that didn't really help, so I put them back down and ultimately loosened the neck trust rod a little to achieve a higher string height. Although I almost feel like the strings should be a little lower, yet it would cause the buzzing. I haven't messed with the Bolero guitar yet. Any tips you guys have? and how high should the strings normally be on a bass?


I recently bought a DBZ Diamond Bolero FM3






and a Schecter Stiletto Extreme-4 Bass


Always check and use -> The latest Toolkit builds


To disable dynamic difficulty and not get the 100% accuracy bug don't use the override to max option, but instead disable DD and set sight reading level to Max. With this configuration the 100% bug does not surface.

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Really the best thing to do in this kind of situation is to bring it in a local store, they should know whats your problem. If you don't have one close enough to justify your needs here are some steps i would like you to follow to narrow down the variables. 

1. Verify the string spacing more or less around the same as recommended as in your users guide. If not or it still buzzes, move on to step 2.
2. Check from the head stock looking down the neck if there is a reasonable amount of bow, make sure its not flat or back bowed on both sides of the neck nor should it look like a banana (look on Google images or something for reference) . If not tighten the truss rod for less bow and loosen it for more bow, if it still buzzes move on to step 3.
3. Next is the adjustment of your bridge, now since its buzzing you want to bring it higher. To do so turn every screw the same amount as you did with the previous one (so if you did half a turn, do half a turn to the rest). If it still buzzes or its just a ridiculously high action, move on to step 4.
4. Locate the source of the buzzing, since its not specified. If its buzzing ONLY on open strings, then its your nut that is just to low and needs to be shimmed. If its buzzing across the fretboard or in some areas of it, its possible that you need to dress your frets or do a neck joint adjustment (I highly recommend to bring your instrument to the closest store near you, since they should the proper tools and expertise to do these adjustments. Trust me its better to pay now then to do it yourself and then having to pay more after the fact, I see it all the time.).

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