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Is there a "step by step" site/you tube video for learning a song?


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I know it's sacrilege to say this, but I just don't learn through Rocksmith.  Probably because I don't have much skill to begin with, but even slowing things down doesn't really help because I find myself looking back and forth from the frets to the screen and hopelessly losing my place.


I know you can Youtube a lot of things, but I really just want to learn "Sweet Child O Mine" from start to finish but all I find are videos that do pieces of the song but nothing that puts it all together.  I need this dumbed down for me, is there a site or a video that goes step by step from start to finish?



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How about this series?

The link is to the first part (the intro), but you should be able to navigate to the other parts from there. My impression is they cover the whole song pretty well.


(The link to his site is dead, but in the Youtube navi on the right you can find the remaining videos.)

Rocksmith to Guitar Pro exporter: http://www.rocksmithtotab.de

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