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Hey Guys,


I love playing Rocksmith 2014 and I want to add CDLC.
Just I have a problem that keeps bugging me since a few days, I have a jailbroken PS 3 (CFW: Rebug 4.46 REX) and still dont know how to add to instal CDLC to my ps3.


A tutorial here in the forum said


PS3: Install files: "_ps3.psarc.edat" to "/dev_hdd0/game/BLUS31182/USRDIR/DLC", if the folder DLC does not exist, just create it


I know that "_ps3.psarc.edat" is the cdlc itself for ps3  but how can I find the "/dev_hdd0/game/BLUS31182/USRDIR/DLC" folder on my ps3 ? or does anybody else have an Idea how to do it ?


Im a total noob when it comes to stuff like this I would need a step by step help


Thanks already :)

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Do I need to have at least one original song of DLC to the PS3 saw the song CDLC?

I do not know why but the PS3 does not see it.

What I need to do to make the system can see them?

I did not, as I think PS3 is not using the APPID concept found on the mac&PC version(ergo the need to have 1 Official APPID attached to your legal Rocksmith copy).


I would recommend:

- u make sure the game BLU name is the one where you store the DLCs (maybe multiman shows that in game properties)

- u try different official DLCs and CDLCs, as sometime some CDLC have similar IDs and out of this conflict only 1 is displayed, or are corrupted when being converted from PC to PS3..try http://www.ps3iso.com/free-link-downloadable-content/216581-rocksmith-2014-dlc.html after you make an account as she only place I know for original/official/notconverted DLCs

- u make sure the game is updated (1.03 i think is the latest version) or you reapply the update

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hello all new to all this... do you need to have a jail broken ps3 to be able to use the custom forge songs already made in cdlc?


Yes, unless there is  new way to access the files/folders on the ps3. With a CFW ps3 you can browse the folders via FTP or with an installed application like multiman

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hello all new to all this... do you need to have a jail broken ps3 to be able to use the custom forge songs already made in cdlc?


you can install CustomDLC (from customforge) also on any (phat, slime, super slim; for a year now) 4.82 or lower using the HAN vulnerability. no need to have it jailbroken.

please don't install 4.83 as it just became available and closed the internet browser bug allowing to install HAN http://www.psx-place.com/threads/ps3-4-83-ofw-now-live-beware-changes-impacting-han-users-stay-tuned-for-more-info.20951/

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i do not have blus31182 only 31192 and i used disc to run rocksmith but if i put dlc to 31192 doesnt work


31192 its the folder to SOUTH PARK: THE STICK OF TRUTH/Worms Collection

Please start he game once, play a song, then check for the existence of BLUS31182 or BLES01862 in the

, note the singular form of the word game (DON'T search in gameS)

, then add yr PS3 DLC in USRDIR/DLC/ ... *_ps3.psarc.edat
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Any one is able to manipulate the gamefiles to remove songs from the retail version
but No edat/psarc CDLC files are available to show how packaging/encryption/etc can be done

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there are no Free DLCs specifically for PS4(e.g. noCherub Rock) and in  general as they Are encrypted for the console "it" downloaded them

and in order to look to understand how it works them you would need a person that had his console on firmware 5.05 or earlier then bought/dowloaded a DLC then jailbroke it and extracted the .pkg song file
kinda late to find such a person now but still my only 2019 wish

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Gracias,tenia el mismo problema y tb lo he resuelto así



I found the solution :)

I was copying them to the wrong directory:

It was:


It should be:


Thanks catara



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