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Interest in Biffy Clyro CDLC



Hello everyone!


Let me start by introducing myself! My name is Stuart, or the BiffyBoffin, or Florentino, or whatever takes your fancy, really I don't mind! :P


It is my plan to create CDLC for every song in Biffy's first 3 albums. That is Blackened Sky, The Vertigo of Bliss and Infinty Land. Not sure if i'll do them in order as I have already 1 completed from V.o.B and 1 from Blackened Sky. We'll seeeeee.


You may have heard of the mighty Biff but not of these albums, if so, please check them out! They are all monumental! (Or perhaps Semi-Mental).


This is my tribute to my favourite band in the whole (child ago) wide world, and it may take a while, because these albums are pretty complex guitar ways.


Anyways, that's my introduction, hope to meet some fellow Biffy fans here to share this experience!!



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Hey man! thanks for all the biffy songs so far, they are a joy to play (badly). iv seen them live 3 time before and they are without a doubt the best band ever. id love to see some glitter and trauma and there's no such thing as a jaggy snake. Can't wait to be able to play these songs on my Simon neil signature strat :P

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Massive Biffy fan  :D


First saw them 12 years ago, such a great band. The Vertigo of Bliss is one of my favourite records. Playing that through on Rocksmith one day will be a great day. 


Thank you so much for allowing me to learn their songs, it makes me feel so good to play them!


The other Scottish band I adore is Idlewild, yet no CDLC anywhere  :(  Have you any interest in them? I would kill for some Idlewild CDLC! Especially 'In Remote Part' - that is a perfect piece of Scottish music. 

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