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DDC Best Practices


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Notes in sync with the rhythm :


  All the logic of DDC is based on the position of the notes and the chords in the beats and measures.


  So to obtain the best result :

  - Correctly define the time signature in EOF (multiple signatures allowed in the same track)

  - Move the beat positions in EOF to synchronize the tab with the soundtrack (and not the notes and chords)

  - If you have to move a few notes, define a grid snap in EOF (1/16 or 1/32 or 1/64)

  - Before generating DD levels, check the notes which are out of sync with the "Highlight non grid snapped notes" EOF functionality


Sections and phrases :


  DDC can work with no section and no phrase, but not in an optimal way.


  Good to know :

   - Sections are very important in RS2014 to select sub-part of the song in the "Riff Repeater".

   - Phrases are important for the "Dynamic Difficulty" in RS2014 as they define a learning sequence of notes and chords.

   - DDC is able to create the phrases but it does it in a non-clever way (all sections are divided in conformity with the "phrase length" parameter)


  For best results with DDC :

  - Correctly define all sections of the song in EOF (hardest solos can be divided in multiple sections)

  - Correctly define your own phrases in EOF (eventually with various lengths) to be sure that the same repeated phrases in the song contain the same sequence of notes.


How to limit the number of DD levels :


  In the previous releases of DDC, there were no merging process of contiguous levels, so the "ddc_5_max_levels.xml" and "ddc_8_max_levels.xml" were created to limit the maximum number of DD levels.


  Since DDC v2.4, there is a configuration file which allows a fine setting of the merging process.

  To obtain a best result :

  - Use the "ddc_default.xml" ramp-up model (or "ddc_chords_protector.xml" or "ddc_chords_remover.xml") to generate all non-empty levels

  - Create your own "myconfig.cfg" or modify the "ddc_default.cfg" to define the intensity of the merging process with these three parameters :

    - maxDifferencesBeforeMerging (default is 10%) : two contiguous levels may be merged together if there are less than 10% differences between them

    - maxDifferencesAfterMerging (default is 30%) : the two contiguous levels are effectively merged together if the resulting level has less than 30% of differences with the previous one

    - maxDifficultyLevelToProtect (default is 20%) : all 20% of first levels (based on the ramp-up model) are always protected (never merged together)


  Example n°1 : DD remover (ddc_merge_all_levels.cfg) is based on the following setting :

    - maxDifferencesBeforeMerging = 100%

    - maxDifferencesAfterMerging = 100%

    - maxDifficultyLevelToProtect = 0%


  Example n°2 : DD maximum levels (ddc_keep_all_levels.cfg) is based on the following setting :

    - maxDifferencesBeforeMerging = 0%

    - maxDifferencesAfterMerging = 0%

    - maxDifficultyLevelToProtect = 100%


  So for best results, never use the old ramping-up models ("ddc_5_max_levels.xml" and "ddc_8_max_levels.xml") and adjust your preferences of the merging process in the new configuration file.

Take a look in the DDC log files
  When you generate DD on your XML files, DDC produces a complete log file with a lot of useful informations.
  In the first part of this log file, DDC writes all inconsistencies as "Warnings" or "Errors".
  Some of them can be automatically corrected by DDC to avoid crash cases in RS2014.
  You can also use these log files to check the quality of the generated DD (all notes by level for each phrase) before testing your new song in RS2014.
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Hi Chilpouni, can you elaborate on the difference of grid-snap choices? (the 1/16, 1/32, 1/64)

is one more "granular", or are there different circumstances when you'd use one  or another?

Thank you.


 I always use the custom grid snap of "16 intervals per beat", except for songs with a ternary time signature (3/4, 6/4, 6/8, 9/8, 12/8) in which I use a "12 intervals per beat" grid snap.

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