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Found 4 results

  1. Is there anyway to control scroll speed in Editor on Fire? I've got notes all synced out, beat is right but its still too fast.
  2. I've searched for variations of terminology and have not found a post similar to what I'm about to ask - apologies if it has been covered already. I've noticed that some CDLC has an inconsistent note highway speed. It surges forward as the notes pass the strings. The issue is intensified, in some cases, when lots of fretting is going on. Other CDLC does not seem to have this issue and the original content also does not do this. Is this just a result of poor authoring, or is there something I can adjust on my system (Steam) to compensate for some sort of lag?
  3. Hi ! When i play some songs at 100 % speed i have video lag! Any thoughts?
  4. I find being able to speed a passage up past it's actual tempo very valuable for getting something under my fingers. Does anyone know how to modify Riff Repeater so that it the speed setting can go past 100% ? Would this be easy to do or basically impossible?
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