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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys, working on my first CDLC and somewhere along the way, through the versions, i seem to have picked up some funky fingering. Is there a way to remove it all, without having to go through the song note by note ?
  2. Hell yeah! -= HOW TO GET RID OF UNWANTED ORIGINAL SONGS IN THE SONG SELECTION LIST =- works for -ORIGINAL RS2014 Songs -Imported RS1 Songs UPDATE: RS2014Songlistmodifier (tool) to be released in the next days - thx to @@Lovroman !!!!! UPDATE 04may15: all main functions working flawlessly UPDATE 19jun15: Release of The RS Roadie So... i have been after this from day one that i got RS, and there are lots of reasons for this mod. Fact is there are tons of purchaseable DLC and CDLC out… so ... why would i want songs i don´t ever play in my library? Furthermore unfortunately there is no chance to create multiple playlists in game – so keeping the library tidy is mandatory, esp. If you like modes like nonstop play. However after months it is done now – here is the how to remove single or all original songs from the song selection. # If you want to simply get rid of all the original implemented (and unlockable) songs of RS2014 or # If you wanna get rid of individual songs a little engeneering is needed, but fear not ist quite easy and done in a couple of mins… Of course your purchased DLC and CDLC are unaffected and still in game!!!! Lets mf go: you do have 2 options 1) You get a ROADIE [proudly presentin our tool] and let him do the work or 2) you go the manual way Create a working dir like c:\RSMODCopy your cache.psarc (placed in Rocksmith dir see above) file thereDownload the Custom Song Toolkit: http://builds.rscustom.net/master-ca31b7ec14/Windows.zip - latest builds always at http://www.rscustom.net/builds and extract to your C:\RSMODStart the toolkit RocksmithToolkitGUI.exeGo to Packer/Unpacker – press unpack – select cache.psarc and the c:\RSMOD as target.http://i61.tinypic.com/2nimuty.jpg You have a cache_Pc dir now in your working dir – go therehttp://i60.tinypic.com/2462lmr.jpg Download this file and put it in there – otherwise you won´t be able to repack!!!Download 7zip archiver http://www.7-zip.org/a/7z938-x64.msi or 32bit from http://www.7-zip.org/download.html. Install andstart 7-Zip File Manager - inside go to your workingdir\cache_Pc\;and hit enter on cache7.7zhttp://i62.tinypic.com/29zbuad.jpg Go to \manifests\songs – here we areHit F4 on the songs.hsan file to open editor (if not automatically select notepad from list) – thats the magic file.REMOVE ANY SONG YOU WANT :ph34r: - the pic below pretty much says it all – use the search (Ctrl-F) to find the first arrangement remove the entire highlited block – CAVE: a song consists of 4 or 5 arrangements „lead“, „rhythm“, „bass“, „vocals“ ev. "combo" – each has to be removed so use search to do it properly.http://i57.tinypic.com/2mpctxu.jpg Watch out – the file reading seems to be very very strict – if you mess up a little the game won´t load or all songs will be hidden.If you are after #removing all songs - your final file should look like that:http://i59.tinypic.com/2qvb4gl.jpg thats all - you can just copy paste that !!!!!!: { "Entries" : "InsertRoot" : "Static.Songs.Headers" } When you are done - save, exit the editor and confirm editing of archive.Back to the Toolkit - Pack - select the cache_Pc dir as sourceenter "cache" in working dir as output.If you get an error - you didnt place the file in the dir Congrats you have your new modified cache.psarc in your working dir – copy to your Rocksmith dir after renaming your original there.Start the game and testPress thx ;)Admin note: Do not share the cache.psarc on the forum. - FOR THE RS1 DISK SONGS: Same procedure files: rs1compatibilitydisc_p.psarc rs1compatibilitydisc_p_Pc\manifests\songs_rs1disc\songs_rs1disc.hsan cheers! I think the most reasonable thing would be to add this modding functionality to the song manager about to be released – i´m gonna talk to the devs if thats possible, else it wouldnt be neurosurgery to build a little tool reading out the songs.hsan file and make the list confortably editable. If anyone is a quick coder shoot - i´d be more than happy if we had that asap. done. Upcoming?: Guide for removing single Songs from the imported RS1 Disc done. Thx to everyone joining in on the journey with tips, tests and ideas!!! Report back about your success, or if you need any help! Rock on! and make sure to donate and also buy some original dlc!
  3. Hello there! I would like a custom I made to be removed from the database. Can I do this myself? It is all wrong and I can't improve it as the GP-file is just too wrong in too many ways. I realized it too late.... I was so eager to make the song.. now I feel kind of bad about it... It just bugs me... Thanks!
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