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Found 4 results

  1. I have multiple slide down notes that aren't working. I have notes connected with "Linknext", selected as "Slide Down", and even set the end fret (ctr + shift + L) and the slides still aren't working. I have slide lines highlighted with purple that are working but the slides that aren't working have a black line instead of purple. Any ideas? https://www.dropbox.com/s/o41oslvei0v92au/slidesOnPurpleOffBlack.png?dl=1
  2. So I have a few songs that go into the 29's on the fret board and on EOF I am having the notes not come out right in the game. It must be something with the camera that I'm not doing right, but I did change the fret count to 30+ and it doesn't work in game, the notes don't come out. Any help :D
  3. so ther i am trying to layout things and testing out stuff on the EoF program when i noticed that frets above 17 are considered muted notes...this is an issue for ME specifically if i ever wanted to make a song that happens to go above that fret; which i'm sure i'm gonna be running into at some point in time. my guitar has 21 frets and others may go above that count i'm sure but is this an error on the program maker's part? or is this a bug that needs to be addressed? or maybe i set 1 of my settings to make it think it's not a guitar? idk any hlp on this would b very much appreciated and i
  4. Folks. Apologies if someone has already answered this one somewhere. I've just started with Rocksmith 2014 (PC version) over the last week and I'm finding it fantastic. It's has rejuvenated my enthusiasm to learn. One thing I was just wondering was, does anyone believe that learning the fret board simply by numbered positions may be a barrier to future understanding of the place of certain actual notes on each string? Perhaps there are specific tutorials that cover this subject that I haven't come across yet? Or perhaps people would advise that it really doesn't matter and you gain a long
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