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Found 9 results

  1. Hi everyone, as the title suggests, out of nowhere my game is no longer loading any of my downloaded songs from here. If I try to load the songs i purchased or the base game songs they load and play fine but any other just gets stuck on the screen there. I tune my bass, start the song and then it just sits on that screen. I can play the bass and I hear sound but nothing shows up. I tried going on the page with the "common crashes etc" but the link to the page that resolves this issue no longer works. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  2. Hi. Just purchased locksmith after someone recommended it to learn how to play lead on certain songs. Purchased cherub pumpkins and went through the steps to run the cdlc. I can put any of them in, but when I open them I can only get through to the tuning section. After I finish tuning, it starts loading and then freezes. Any suggestions? Running Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.4, MacBook pro 2015 Rocksmith- latest update as of 7/9/18 Thanks
  3. I compiled from the master branch on 1-15-2020 and every time I attempt to generate a spectrogram it crashes. The last two lines of the log before I need to kill the process when it freezes is: 497: FFTW plan generated in 3.757691 seconds. 497: Generating slices... I also used EOF in WINE for a while (before it suddenly stopped working but I think that's a problem with my system) and the spectrogram worked fine if that helps When I launch after I kill the process it does trigger and successfully goes to the last undo state I hope this helps you find a bug, thanks.
  4. Hi! My Rocksmith just freezes when i try to play a custom song. How can i fix this? Please help, Thanks The game is freezing after i tune the guitar btw)
  5. I made a chart and everything worked except for the riff repeater. I found out it was because I converted the audio without setting the "seek table granularity" to 16384 from this topic: http://customsforge.com/topic/27445-issue-with-cdlc-riff-repeater/ However, after doing that my song suddenly starts freezing after getting past the tuner. I have tried changing the conversion settings to what I had before, and now even that doesn't work anymore. Anyone know what this could be?
  6. Hello everyone! First off I love this project, and once I get the issues hammered out this will no doubt suck hours upon hours of my life away. I went on a downloading spree and got a bunch of custom songs. In combining the functions of the Toolkit and Automator, I managed to convert at least most of the downloaded files into Mac format (all files use the Cherub Rock appid). So far it seems that the cdlc is about 50/50; about half will run with no problem, and the other half freeze after tuning. I've tried most of the options in the toolkit (mac version) and haven't found anything that
  7. Hi! This is my first post. I searched and searched but couldn't find this exact situation I'm in. I am playing Rocksmith 2014 on my HP laptop, apart from a bit of guitar crackling it has been great. However - after I added dlc, I realized that the "Lessons" option just causes the game to freeze now. I somehow ended up with being able to select Lessons and see them listed, but none of them play - they just sit on the list and look back at me. I can't find any files that seem to be the lesson files. Can anyone help me? I think this is different than the "dlc won't play" problem, but no
  8. in the title, i've tried playing lonely boy by the black keys twice and whenever i go into it it does the bit where its about to play but the top bar isn't there and a lot of the songs just have a line rather than showing the difficulty, any suggestions, thanks
  9. Hi not sure if anyone else is having this problem but it seems that some CDLC songs will start up fine but when the songs is supposed to play nothing happens. The game doesn't lock up or crash, and I can see the first few notes in the distance. I can even bring up the menu to exit the song but the notes never start scrolling forward and the song never starts playing. The songs I'm having this problem with are: Killswitch Engage - Holy Diver Led Zeppelin - Good times, bad times Holy diver I got from a torrent, but good times, bad times came from this website. Is anybody else having this pr
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