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Found 3 results

  1. I am pleased to announce that new Rocksmith Custom Song Toolkit. All thanks to the developers involved in the project that made this feasible possibility in so little time. DEVS: * me; * Snakez; * Maveth; * Raynebc; * Dreddfoxx; * Alex360 (L0fka); * Shrubbery (otaznik); * Cozy1; * Zephyrix; * Xavatar (PowerSlinky); * Chlipouni; * Cgeorge; TESTERS (consoles): * Acid6D94 (XBox 360); * Redeyed (PS3); * Kim666 (PS3); And among others for PC/Mac. DOWNLOAD: http://www.rscustom.net/ NOW WITH A RELEASE FOR MONO (CAN BE USED ON MAC) !!! ANY ISSUE? TRY TO DOWNLOAD THE LAST BUILD: http://www.rscustom.net/builds IF PROBLEM PERSISTS, OPEN AN ISSUE IN THE PROJECT ON GITHUB: https://github.com/rscustom/rocksmith-custom-song-toolkit/issues NEW VERSION INCLUDE: NEW IN* New auto-update feature (shows changes from your version and allow update with one click);* Added InlayCreator (new package type to customize your guitar) [all credits to Cozy1 and Baoulletes for this feature];* Added config screen that you can pre-define some fields in toolkit;* Added song preview volume box to make preview independant of song volume;* Added structured project import option;* Added package author (charter name) inside the package (can be setup on config screen, default value is "Custom Song Creator", but you can define your name if you want);* Added background worker with progress bar for most toolkit features (Generate package, unpacker, update appid, etc);* Added option to use acronym in file names when generate packages;* Fixed DLCConverter CLI issues;* Fixed packer for mod purposes;* SNG 2 XML general issues fixed;* Enhanced package validation;* Toolkit random hangs fixed;* Package random crashes fixed;* Fixed auto-tone load with ToneC and ToneD in some cases;* Fixed Import Template from package (tuning frequency and some minor issues);* Fixed some existent appIds and added new ones;* DDC updated to 2.2;* Fixed packer for larger than 100mb files;* Minor issue fixes. Note: RS2014 CDLC support almost all new features like new techniques, custom tunings, Tuning Pitch (frequency), Mac platform, etc. This new version of toolkit require lastest version of Editor-on-Fire (EoF) 1.8RC8(r1281) or above. To play custom songs on PC and Mac platform is required a patch to bypass song signature that will be released in a tutorial in smithyanvil. (for consoles is not required). ============================================== CHANGE LOG:
  2. So I saw no one addressing this and so here we are. I'm trying to add dynamic difficulty the easy way by using the dynamic difficulty creator included with the tool kit, however it removes my CDLC's album cover from the CDLC, and yes, I've confirmed it is indeed that particular program that does it. Anyone know how I can fix this without manually adding in the difficulty myself, its very bizarre that this happens.
  3. So I've been using Ultrastar creator all the time for my lyrics and then importing in EoF and adjusting them. Now most of the time the last ~2 sentences of the lyrics aren't shown in Rocksmith when playing. I have no idea why this happens and just accepted it, as it is only a few sentences. But latest songs I made have ~half of the lyrics missing. Does anyone have an idea why this occurs? Maximum word count? Error with some characters? To much sections?
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