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Found 5 results

  1. EDIT: Due to a policy change, the CDLC has been removed from the database. Sorry guys! I've been working on this for a few weeks for my own use, but I wanted to share this with the CustomForge community. I've adapted John Petrucci's famed Rock Discipline guitar DVD and TAB book to CDLC form. I've made a CDLC track for each chapter of the book. For these to make any sense, they need to be used in conjunction with the TAB book or DVD. All exercises from the book are included, and the example numbers are indicated in the lyrics. The example numbers correspond to those in the book, but the DVD
  2. I wanted to start this topic, because I couldn't find one (by searching and scrolling around) so, if there is one just excuse my ignorance. So, my problem, which I think that many will share. I did amazing progresses with Rocksmith, and now I can play close to 100% songs that I would not even dare to dream about one year ago.... BUT.... I feel that at a point my hands are limited in speed and I have no clue how to properly improve my technique. I'm not interested in going faster than Petrucci ( :P ) but I want to improve a little bit. For example: I can play at 100% difficulty the Iron M
  3. Hello fellow music gamers, I just wanted to see if anyone else finds that they suffer from hand fatigue really quickly while playing. I notice it a lot when I am playing songs at full speed and especially down tuned songs. Sometimes, it might happen during my first song, other days I can go for a good 2 hours. This doesn't happen when I'm practising scales or doing slower tab playthroughs. I do try to relax my hand, and use less pressure. I've even lowered the action on my bass so that a gentle touch is all that's needed, but sometimes that just doesn't work for me. Any tips from lon
  4. I do have a tab of Greensleves in GuitarPro. It uses more than one voice to author notes that last longer than these in the first voice. It looks like that: http://i144.photobucket.com/albums/r192/a_peter42/RsCustomsTools/GuitarPro6-Greensleeves_zps71c7f92d.png I learned, that EoF only imports the first voice. But how do i author this in EoF? If i add the note at the A string at the same position like other notes and raise the sustain, the duration of all notes will change. Even more it is not possible to do a sustain that is longer than the next note. I've tried it, but the sustain may only
  5. Hello, I've been trying to set up a note that will slide up to fret 22, hold there for a few seconds, then tremolo. Could anyone help me out with something like this?
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