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Found 2 results

  1. So in this song I'm doing "Stay Away" if you can see by the picture when I make it on the green string or any other string it let's me do the slide from 4 to 5 just fine, but in the orange it has these symbols under it that signifies the bend when I actually play it in game and even though I remove bends and clear everything from the note it still shows up when I scroll up to further lengthen the note to show the slide. This has never happened and I'm just curious as to why and if you know a way around it. http://tinypic.com/r/20ij8mh/8
  2. So, I figured I'd make a thread for death metal and its subgenres. As there are a lot of songs charted for many such bands, for the most part I'll try to post one link per band and let you know how many songs they have on here. This will probably start out pretty incomplete (and biased towards bands I know and charters of those bands). If you have any recommendations for other bands, or changes to the organization, or anything else, let me know and I'll see what I can do. Notable Charters @@bernixix, @@firekorn, @@Jansku79, @@albatross213, @@Mercenary, @@Tiberya, @@Comalive, @@Ki113r94, @@Khaaoos, @@ghgeek20, ... Classic Style Behemoth (6 songs) Bloodbath (5 songs) Bolt Thrower (1 song) Cannibal Corpse (25 songs) Certain Death (7 songs) Death (44 songs. Later albums more technical/progressive) Deicide (1 song) Demonoid (2 songs) Dismember (2 songs, no bass) Entombed (4 songs) Grave (1 song) Kataklysm (22 songs) Jungle Rot (6 songs) Morbid Angel (2 songs) Nile (13 songs, sometimes more technical) Obituary (4 songs) Six Feet Under (5 songs) Vader (5 songs) Melodic Abdication (1 song) The Absence (1 song) All Shall Perish (5 songs) Amon Amarth (55 songs) Amorphis (29 songs) Arch Enemy (45 songs) At the Gates (3 songs) Before the Dawn (3 songs) Be'lakor (3 songs) The Black Dahlia Murder (8 songs) Carcass (9 songs) Children of Bodom (69 songs) The Crown (3 songs) Dark Tranquillity (13 songs) Darkest Hour (14 songs) Disarmonia Mundi (2 songs) Heaven Shall Burn (10 songs) Hypocrisy (11 songs) In Flames (80 songs) In Mourning (1 song) Insomnium (35 songs) Into Eternity (3 songs) Kalmah (21 songs) Mors Principium Est (9 songs) Noumena (1 song) Omnium Gatherum (3 songs) Scar Symmetry (2 songs) Sentenced (5 songs) Septicflesh (5 songs) Soilwork (11 songs) Skeletonwitch (11 songs) Suidakra (3 song) Sylosis (21 songs) Unleashed (1 song) Technical Anata (1 song) Arsis (1 song) Atheist (2 songs) Beyond Creation (3 songs) Blotted Science (6 songs) Cattle Decapitation (2 songs) Decapitated (6 songs) Demilich (1 song) Dying Fetus (5 songs) The Faceless (9 songs) Fleshgod Apocalypse (3 songs) Gorod (9 songs) Job For a Cowboy (7 songs) Necrophagist (7 songs) Obscura (12 songs) Origin (4 songs, lead only) Psycroptic (2 songs, guitar only) Quo Vadis (2 songs) Revocation (28 songs) Spawn of Possession (1 song) Progressive Akercocke (1 song) Cynic (5 songs) Dan Swanö (8 songs) Disillusion (2 songs) Edge of Sanity (2 songs) Gojira (25 songs) Ne Obliviscaris (7 songs) Opeth (43 songs. The albums Damnation, Heritage, and Pale Communion aren't death-influenced) Strapping Young Lad (9 songs) Bands with lots of tabs that haven't been done yet Anata (17 tabs) Arsis (~20 tabs) Atheist (13 tabs) Atrocity (5 tabs) At the Gates (30+ tabs) Be'lakor (15 tabs) Benediction (9 tabs) Beyond Creation (8 tabs, but lots of strings.) Bolt Thrower (~30 tabs) Cryptopsy (20+ tabs) Dark Lunacy (5 tabs) Dark Tranquillity (50ish tabs) Decapitated (20+ tabs) Dying Fetus (30+ tabs) Fallujah (10 tabs) Fleshgod Apocalpyse (15 tabs) Gorguts (~20 tabs) Hieronymus Bosch (15 tabs) Hypocrisy (50+ tabs) Incantation (18 tabs) In Mourning (10 tabs) Lykathea Aflame (7 tabs) Mercenary (9 tabs) Monstrosity (11 tabs) Mors Principium Est (30+ tabs) Necrophagist (~20 tabs) Nile (~30 tabs) Noumena (9 tabs) Obscura (20+ tabs, most of the remaining are guitar only, but from tab books, so very accurate. Songs from Omnivium and later use 7-string guitars) Origin (14 tabs) Pestilence (~20 tabs) Psycroptic (11 tabs) Sadist (11 tabs) Scar Symmetry (30+ tabs) Sentenced (30+ tabs) Spawn of Possession (~20 tabs) Soilwork (50+ tabs) Suffocation (~30 tabs) Suidakra (~20 songs) Ulcerate (8 tabs)
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