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Found 2 results

  1. Before I go all PC master race here, I just want to get this out there. I'm really happy how far we made it as a community, the contribution on this website is just phenomenal. And honestly if it wasn't for the community I would probably have about 10 hours in Rocksmith max. Ever since the "smithy's incident" I feel like Customs Forge has been progressing exponentially. But here's where it hasn't progressed at all, the actual game itself. I'm not talking about gameplay just navigation in general. Obviously this thread is more targeted towards PC players. I always expected that there would be someone out there that would want to improve the game itself. For the PC users out there, I hope you can relate to me when I say that the navigation is clunky. It feels like this game is just a port from the console version and they gave us no choice for controls. Honestly I have almost 200 hours in this game already and I still mess up with the whole "9,O,0,P" thing, something that could've been easily highlighted with your mouse. Volume knobs feel so glitchy/buggy, like I drag it to 90% for example that move my mouse to go back a screen then it suddenly moves to like 30% or whichever direction I moved my mouse. To prevent this I have to click about 2 or 3 times to make sure the knob doesn't move after I let go. Search feature, if you're like me and have tons of CDLC's and DLC's it takes a while to get to the one you want. I'm pretty sure I have quite a few songs that I didn't play/test out because I forgot about them. I add batches of CDLC's and play them one by one, it would go so much faster if you could just search them by song,artist album or last added instead of just being able to rearrange their order. The whole game in general feels like it can be optimized so much on the PC but the Dev's are pretty focussed on producing new content, and I don't blame them they put out good stuff and it actually generates more revenue to keep them going. Some other mods I expected to see would've been using your guitar to move around I.E : making a slide from fret 3 to 9 would scroll or depending how fast or the distance of the slider. a Power chord to click ( Enter ) to go on to the next screen. And an Octave to go back? Stuff like that
  2. Hey! I Recently bought an Oculus rift and im curious if it's possible to make a mod that allows you to stand at a stage and play in front of an audience?? Might be a bit impractical since you can't see your guitar, but i still feel like it would enhance the game a lot (at least for me)
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