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Found 2 results

  1. RS2014 CUSTOMS WORKING LIST More BUCKETHEAD customs coming soon in 2015: * Walk on the Moon * Too Many Humans * Lone Sul Bug Ready customs are in the post BELOW (second post): ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks for clicking "Like This" and "Thanks" buttons in my posts :) :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  2. Getting a list together here. I plan on finishing a few of these this weekend. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ten (1991) Once Even Flow Alive (RS1 Official DLC) Why Go Black (RS1 Official DLC) Jeremy (RS1 Official DLC) Oceans Porch Garden Deep Release (Live) Bonus: State of Love and Trust ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vs. (1993) Go Animal Daughter Glorified G Dissident W.M.A Blood Rearviewmirror Rats Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town Leash Indifference ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vitalogy (1994) Last Exit Spin the Black Circle Not for You Tremor Christ Nothingman Whipping Pry, To Corduroy Bugs Satan's Bed Better Man Aye Davanita Immortality ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- No Code (1996) Sometimes Hail, Hail Who You Are In My Tree Smile Off He Goes Habit Red Mosquito Lukin Present Tense Mankind I'm Open Around the Bend ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yield (1998) Brain of J. Faithfull No Way Given to Fly Wishlist Pilate Do the Evolution Untitled "Red Dot" MFC Low Light In Hiding Push Me, Pull Me All Those Yesterdays ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Binaural (2000) Breakerfall Gods' Dice Evacuation Light Years Nothing as it Seems Thin Air Insignificance Of the Girl Grievance Rival Sleight of Hand Soon Forget Parting Ways ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Riot Act (2002) Can't Keep Save You Love Boat Captain Cropduster Ghost I Am Mine Thumbing My Way You Are Get Right Green Disease Help Help Bu$hleaguer 1/2 Full Arc All or None ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lost Dogs (2003) Disc One All Night Sad Down Hitchhiker Don't Gimme No Lip Alone In the Moonlight Education Black, Red, Yellow U Leaving Here Gremmie Out of Control Whale Song Undone Hold On Yellow Ledbetter Disc Two Fatal Other Side Hard to Imagine Footsteps Wash Dead Man Strangest Tribe Drifting Let Me Sleep Last Kiss Sweet Lew Dirty Frank Brother Bee Girl ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pearl Jam (2006) Life Wasted World Wide Suicide Comatose Severed Hand Marker in the Sand Parachutes Unemployable Big Wave Gone Army Reserve Come Back Inside Job ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Backspacer (2009) Gonna See My Friend Got Some The Fixer Johnny Guitar Just Breathe Amongst the Waves Unthought Known Supersonic Speed of Sound Force of Nature The End ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lightning Bolt (2013) Getaway Mind Your Manners My Father's Son Sirens Lightning Bolt Infallible Pendulum Swallowed Whole Let the Records Play Sleeping by Myself Yellow Moon Future Days Covers (I can think of right this moment) Rockin' in the Free World Reign O'er Me Crazy Mary Chloe Dancer / Crown of Thorns Interstellar Overdrive (Live with Corduroy) I Got Id (I Got Shit) There, now we have no excuse to get started on this!
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