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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone! I've made a CDLC for bass part from Guitar Pro file, but I didn't notice that there was 5-string part. What can I do now to make this track fit the real bass part notes (3rd string in-game should be the 4th)? I understand that some notes could be lost. But those like 14th fret of the 5th string could be played on the 4th for sure. Does EOF implement some kind of feature in this case or similar?
  2. Following the discusssion here about bass recognition problem below C1 note and possible creation of 5 strings bass part here is the tutorial to get the recognition to work and to actually make possible a 5 strings bass part in Rocksmith 2014! I. Bass recognition workaround First off, it's only necessary to do this when the bass part have note below the C1. Which means any B Standard or lower and C# drop B and lower tuning need to go through this operation. Step 1 : EOF Tuning change Select the bass part (Song -> Track -> Part Real_Bass or Part Real_Bass_22)Change the tuning (Track -> Pro Guitar -> Set Tuning) following the rule belowFor each strings, the number will be equal to the number of half steps below E standard plus 12. Exemple : for B standard each fret is 5 half steps below standard (-5 in EOF) so you will indicate in eof -5+12=7 for all the strings Note that when you import a GP file EOF take the tuning from it, so you will just have to add 12 to the number indicated in EOF. Say NO when EOF ask you to transposeNote that the strings name should keep the same in EOF, or it means that you didn't add 12 Step 2 : Toolkit tuning Add the bass arrangementDon't change the tuning (it import the one from EOF)Change the Tuning Pitch to 220 (the toolkit indicate an offset of -1200.00 and the note will A3 instead of A4Do everything else as alwaysStep 3 : Enjoy! II. 5 strings bass Step 1 : EOF 5 strings bass part Disclaimer : Create your 5 strings bass part in EOF in a guitar part as you will usually do with any partFor the tuning, if you've imported it from a GP file you don't have anything to do. If you've created the part in EOF, change the tuning in EOF just by getting the name of the strings right (doesn't care for the higher strings if you kept 6 strings in EOF) The standard for 5 and 6 strings bass would give the following tuning in EOF : Step 2 : Toolkit bass part Add a new arrangementSelect your xml file containing the 5 strings bass partType : GuitarName : Lead or Rythm, it will just change where it will be in rocksmithTuning : Should be the same as in EOFCheck the bonus arrangement if you don't want the bass part to be too easy to start with a guitar because a guitar won't be able to play it!Change the tuning pitch to 220 instead of 440.Do as usual for the tone.Step 3 : Enjoy! Warning : A guitar player won't be able to play it normally (maybe if you have a pedal that allow you to play as low as a bass)Alert the player that this is available, Rocksmith absolutely doesn't alert you by himself!Rocksmith used the lower tuning between the normal arrangement and the bonus one for sorting by tuning so if the bass use a lower tuning (based on the number set in EOF) than the guitar arrangement, RS will indicate the bass tuning! I forgot to mention the men that made all of this possible by his findings : Ross A big thanks to him!
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