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  1. Hey man, Thank you so much for the tip :) I manage to get the cdlc's on my song list, however, now I'm getting stuck in the amp page prior to starting the song (right after tuning). I have both the .dll and the patcher (.exe) in the general RS2014 root folder, and I've reinstalled the game twice. Really no idea what's going on or if there's a solution for this.
  2. Hey guys, new to this, but I'm also having problems with playing cdlc's. I managed to download the songs and put them on the dlc folder, but they wouldn't even show up in the song roster. Then I realized I had to get the d3dx9_42.dll on the same folder, so I tried to download it from the links in the video. After a while I managed to "download" d3dx9_42.dll, but then my PC asked me to search the web or browse my software to find a way to open it. I got OpenFreely, but It opened it as an adobe acrobat file, and when I opened RS the song wouldn't even show again. I deleted OpenFreely and moved t
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