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  1. I can't believe nobody has done Van Halen - On Fire for guitar yet.
  2. That appears to have done the trick thanks! How odd that CD quality isn't good enough :/
  3. Hi, I had to reinstall Windows the other day and ever since reinstalling Steam and Rocksmith the sound has been really faint and not all there, almost like the bass has been EQd away. The .ini settings have never been touched before the reinstall or after so I'm really not sure why this has suddenly happened. All other audio on my system (from music or video files) sounds normal so I'm 99% sure it's not a hardware issue. Does anybody have some ideas what might be wrong please?
  4. LordSin

    Disk space

    Thanks for that. I found a/the Temp file but even though I'd closed CFSM the files were still there. Not a problem really, I was able to delete everything manually, but maybe that's a bug in the beta?
  5. LordSin

    Disk space

    I'm using this to batch-fix the Mastery bug on a bunch of CDLC and after running through about 75% or so my computer's telling there is no hard drive space left. Is CFSM creating duplicates of the songs it's repairing and if so where are they going?
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