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  1. Hi all - i've also spent many hours reading posts, trying patches, installing/uninstalling, trying the beta. For a while I couldn't even get the game to open "because of a problem". Now the furthest I've gotten is being able to play my DLC's, have access to all the CDLC's, but whether or not I skip the tuner, they get stuck at the amplifiers/speakers, so can't play any of my many hundred CDLC's, which is like 99% of what I usually play. Is there really no fix for this, still? So can't play CDLC's on a mac anymore??? I'd also like to echo the comments thanking all those who spend countles
  2. hey all - after a genius fix with October patch nightmare, i have been playing cdlc seamlessly through the actual game (not rsinjector) ever since...until i tried to start up RS today and it forced me to download the "patch" update before launching...and sure enough, now my CDLC's are f'd again. Can someone pls help point me to the re-fix for this new patch mess? I would much prefer RS w/o microphone mode but with all my CDLC's than microphone mode + 0 CDLC's! thanks as always
  3. i can't get access to the run_patch_rs.command. have tried both of the links included and it won't give me access to run in terminal...totally stuck w/o my CDLC's for almost a week now! help!!! Mac OS Sierra 10.12.1
  4. same issue for me tried 3 diff rs injectors and just doesn't open at all...pls save us? #hateRocksmithUpdates
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