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  1. RIP one of my favorite bands in the 90's. I remember listening to Plush in MTV, and I was amazed. Gonna learn that song very soon. RIP, Scott. You were an amazing guitarist.
  2. I think Amberian Dawn is an amazing Power/Melodic Metal band. If you love Nightwish, you will indeed love them.
  3. Used to on Xbox. But after seeing the great mods back in 2 years or so,I had to try it and get the PC version sooner than later. And boy, no regrets for me. PC is where it at!
  4. Someone didn't use google to look up for Offical DLC lol. Wil try Pain, on bass, though. (If you have bass to begin with)
  5. Cage137

    Rush Forge

    Hey cool, now we can comment on your profile...... convenient. And yes! You got your School Rumble avatar :grin: And it's great you're working on Queen. Hope to see Don't Stop Me Now in the future. Best of luck on this website. Hope you'll have fun here like you did in smithy.
  6. Haha. Nice to see a fellow JRPG fan. Yeah, same. I got loads of games on my PS2, need to play. Just ordered Soul Nomad & The World Eaters. Which should be here this weekend. Now just need 3 JRPG to complete my 60+ JPRG title on the PS2. Need 1:Magna Carta 2: Makai Kingdom 3: La Pucelle. Some games I wanna buy, but kinda expensive. Like Shining Force. Might get them used. And Growlanser series, but alas, money is too darn high. :D
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