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  1. I followed the steps, got the boot camp error that led me to entering the code in terminal which seemed to work fine. Then when trying to open the launcher I got at least 10 pop up error messages (but the boot camp related one seemed to be fixed) - then the launcher appeared and I tried opening the toolkit and it just sat on that screen saying it was opening for an hour so I gave up. OS X El Capitan 10.11.6.
  2. I haven't loaded up Rocksmith in over a year but wanted to give it a crack and noticed two CDLCs added for one of my favorite bands, Everything Everything. I tried for over an hour and a half to try to use the latest toolkit and failed. It's not a huge deal to use it since for the most part all of the CDLCs I want I've already converted over the past few years. Would anyone be willing to convert the files from PC to Mac? It would be greatly appreciated since I don't want to waste any more time fiddling with getting the toolkit to work. Songs: Suffragette Suffragette No Pharaoh much a
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