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  1. Sorry I just found it, my idiot mode was engaged.
  2. Is there a way to still go to the page that the artist are in alphabetical order or is that feature gone now?
  3. I'm new to discord how do I find and join RocksmithUnite
  4. Has any one learned how to compile this and if so can you share with the ones who aren't adept to compiling software.
  5. I finally got it to work, I was just using the wrong curse words!! LOL!
  6. I've added it in EOF, saved and then checked the .xml file to make sure it was the correct one to put in the arrangement and still it's a no go. Toolkit still doesn't have anything about a capo in the arrangement.
  7. When I add the capo and repack the song it still doesn't show up in the game. The tool kit never says anything about a capo either.
  8. The tab is in the wrong key, it either needs a capo on the 2nd fret, or the tuning to be F#,B,E,A,C#,F#. Instead of E,A,B progression it needs to be F#,B,C# to match the original recording that the charter used.
  9. I just can't seem to get it to work correctly. It's Bob Seger's Old Time Rock N Roll from here
  10. How would I go about adding a capo to a cdlc that I downloaded that didn't have it originally but needs it?
  11. I've tried all those adjustments and recalibrated every time. No graphics problems at all.
  12. I try not to bother members unless I can't find a solution on my own, but I'm stumped. My guitars volume is moderately to extremely loud in all the songs. I can't hear the music or lyrics. I have calibrated with every attempt but so far no luck. 1- Set the mic volume in the Window's recording devices panel= no help 2- Set the volume on the guitar knob down= no help/quits registering notes 3- Set the Mixer in the game for the guitar down as low as 20= no help/below that notes don't register 4- Changed exclusive setting and tried both ways= no luck 5- I've tried a combo of all the above togeth
  13. Brand new It sounds like the frets need dressed. Also if you've been moving the string height have set the intonation for the new height?
  14. I do use 0.09. The problem still persist. It's not a strenght problem, as I said, I already had an SG which I didn't had any problems and in a friend's Les Paul I can bend with no problems at all, and so in my brother's guitar. The problem is my guitar which feels really tight/tense when I bend, so my question is how can I "loose" them if I already have played with the action and nothing have happened yet. Help guys :( Is it a new guitar or was it a used guitar when you got it?
  15. More Slash play through. Been playing slash's music for over 20 years now and still love it, just out of practice. Feedback is welcome.
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