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  1. Happy Birthday kedhrin!

  2. Happy Birthday kedhrin!

  3. Happy Birthday kedhrin!

  4. Thanks for hooking this up, sorry i've been delayed, its not that i haven't played rocksmith (i play it every day) i just went on a rampage through CDLC that its kept me super busy, playing other Amon Amarth songs have been keeping me busy too i just have been lazy as shit. I dont care for the credit just glad its out there!
  5. hey man sorry its taken me a minute to get back to you ive been really busy i just tried giving it a go and it won't load :( the other amon amarth tracks on here do, but this just sits at the menu area like its trying to load the song.... ive had this problem with a metallica song before, but i never got it working....
  6. I was going to be taking on Gods of War Arise next, just a heads up... i play through my amp though so i don't pay too much attention to the tones on Rocksmith though, and i'm sure i'll get better with these syncs (i really need to make sure my audio/video lag is 1:1 before authoring these)... I'll probably start that Thursday
  7. (btw i'm still not able to test the bass version of this, but its done for lead and rythm - not sure how to package it to go on the list of CDLC i play it all the time)
  8. no i just kept backing up my profiles then one time it just magically started working fine... i have no idea what happened, i've transferred this to other machines too and it hasn't messed up... could've been some fluke mistake for all i know..
  9. ok so got hte palm mutes in and fixed some stuff thanks! i got the bass and rythm in too, i've tested and the lead and rythm work fine! however, i don't have a bass - also, i wasn't sure how to set the tuning for a bass to BEAD in the guitar toolkit? does anyone know how to do this? Also, i don't know what tone to do, i looked into Generalsnus' tunes but didn't see one for bass. I'll try to tweak my tune a bit more tomorrow and add lyrics... i don't know how to add lyrics though, will need to look into it. Download link has been updated.
  10. Yeah loos like the profile going shit is another issue... even with vanilla installs. i'd love it if someone could test to make sure this CDLC isn't causing it for them though. Repro steps are easy. Backup your profile data first - mine is in "C:Program Files (x86)Steamuserdata7745533221680remote" you'd see something similar, just backup the latest file ending in '_prfldb'. Download and install CDLC play CDLC once exit game load game back up and try to go through the menusIf someone could test that for me I'd really appreciate it... going to try to fix some other issues and get this tone less shitty tonight, then do the rhythm and bass sections. Thanks for the tips!
  11. http://www.metalblade.com/us/covers/AmonAmarth-VersustheWorld.jpg ARTIST...................: Amon Amarth ALBUM....................: Versus The World TITLE....................: Thousand Years Of Oppression VERSION..................: 0.1 INSTRUMENT(S)............: Lead, Rhythm (soon), Bass (soon), Vocals (soon) TUNING...................: B Standard CUSTOM TONE..............: Yes DYNAMIC DIFFICULTY.......: No PACKAGE ID...............: Cherub Rock PLATFORMS................: PC Download: Version 0.1 WARNING - before downloading this please see question 7 in my notes as it may not just be an isolated issue. - http://www.mediafire.com/download/m4j720z4hyf8atd/Amon-Amarth_Thousand-Years-of-Oppression_p.psarc Video of Song: Original Tab: http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/a/amon_amarth/thousand_years_of_oppression_guitar_pro.htm Changelog: v0.1 - Initial creation of Lead Section (alpha). v0.2 - Palm mutes added for Lead sections - Phrases added - Rythm added - Bass Section added but not hooked up properly... Hey all, This is my first CDLC and my first addition to this ever growing community. I fucking love Amon Amarth and this is a song i've been playing around with for a while. So i thought it would be a great addition to move it from tab to game. However, it seems i suck way more when trying to read it in the game :P Anyways, this being my first CDLC i certainly made mistakes i would like to clean up! Known Issues/Questions:My phrasing attempt didn't seem to work and the entire song came out as one. I saw there was a thread about labeling phrases... i'll take a look at that tomorrow.I made a custom tone but am getting a lot of crackle when the guitar is idle. I generally play with my physical amp, so i'm not sure whats going on here. It could just be because the distortion is a preamp. If anyone has some advice here I'd appreciate it. Please note: I set the tone with my Schecter Blackjack Baritone with Seymour Duncan Blackout pickups. There are parts of the song that need to have palm mutes for the notes. The author of the tab in guitar pro didn't label them as such. Does anyone know if i can add palm mutes to notes in Editor on Fire?There is one part where i seemed to have skipped a note i'll come back to....Amon Amarth seem to have been all over the place at times with their BPM shifting from 125, 128 and 130 at different and random times. i tried to make up for it and mask it as much as possible.I'm not trying to act like i'm awesome at playing guitar or anything, but i do notice rocksmith has a really hard time registering low notes at times. When i'm playing this song, sometimes it'll be saying i'm missing a note when i know for a fact my finger is in a good position on the fretboard and being plucked on time. Does anyone else experience this from time to time? The biggest culprit is anything on the first fret - especially in Drop D, C Standard and B Standard. Any time i play this song my Rocksmith profile goes corrupt... i have my profile backed up luckily but its annoying... any ideas here? Could it be because of the Custom Tone that I authored and packed up with the song?Anyways excited to wrap this up this weekend, any C&C or general feedback/bug reports welcome! Thanks
  12. nvm i had transfered the files between computers and in the process windows seemed to have given it a .dat extension, removing the extension made it work
  13. heya im having a problem where i get an error saying it can't find the path to something it says 'Can't import ton(s). Could not find a part of the path 'C:]Rocksmith Toolkit9fa07677725a47029a5f79ddb951_prfldb_Pc'. any ideas? thanks
  14. You need an ABY switch with a ground lift. I use one of these and it totally removed the ground hum: http://www.tonebone.com/re-bigshot-aby.htm I'm sure there's plenty of options but this is what I personally use. Thanks man, I called Guitar Center and i think they can hook me up. I'll go return the one i got and hopefully this fixes it! I didn't even know this shit existed, hah!
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