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  1. I occasionally take breaks from practice and playing when life gets hectic. But as things slow down I always find myself picking up one of my guitars and fiddling on the couch while watch a movie with the wife. Then the next day or so I will be excited to come home from work and practice. I would say the thing that drives me to learn the guitar is my parents didn't have hobbies. They were hard working people but never had any hobbies. I have always loved music and wanted a hobby that will last until old age as well as be able to pass down to my kids.
  2. Is the Pitchfork the cheapest pedal that can accomplish this?
  3. I would love to see some of these bands on here! +1 Sorry I am terrible at notation etc.
  4. I am just starting out and there is such an amazing selection of music on the CDLC database. Although when I start it up its at 100% from the start of the song. Does any CDLC work like the official music with the dynamic difficulty?
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