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  1. Hi This CDLC has been shut down again with "broken link" Fixed this this morning. Just need a little patience... Thanks Sasp
  2. Happy Birthday sasp!

  3. Hi Can't access the entire cdlc database : when i click on the 'cdlc search' link, it forwards me to the 'log in' page. Weird, isn't it ?
  4. Happy Birthday sasp!

  5. Happy Birthday sasp!

  6. Hi everyone Building a cdcl lyrics and bass tested ok in rs 2014 (steam) When i package with rythm or lead or both, the game crashes just after tuning Read all related topics in this forum or others ( reddit) but still no chance The rythm has no tech note The lead has plenty of them but not much than others which run good Maybe a showlights issue ? I tried to edit xlm files with note pad + but it didn't help me so far I had the same pb once but i fixed it by removing muted notes Any idea ? Thanks for reading and answers
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