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    PRS Custom 24 Black Gold Burst - Gibson LP Custom Shop R7 Gold Top - Fender Stratocaster CS 3TS 61 - Fender Telecaster CS - Ibanez RGR

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  1. Happy Birthday CalegaR1!

  2. Happy Birthday CalegaR1!

  3. Thank you man for the hint! i'll give it a try! Since i play in a very different tunings (from standard to dropB) it's a pain in the ass everytime to retune, since i'm using a drop pedal!
  4. Hi all, found a way to disable the tuning check and tuner before a song starts for Rocksmith, not 2014. There's a way to disable it also on 2014? I honestly doesn't need it (got a chromatic tuner apart, way more accurate) and i change tuning often when i play with rocksmith (odin bless digitech the drop) and i'm honestly quite bored of losing time each song Thank you
  5. http://i.imgur.com/ADlIxis.jpg my 2 main axes... PRS Custom 24 black/gold burst and Gibson Les Paul Standard Tobacco
  6. Last addiction... I miss my Les Paul and my ESP...but this one..it's simply amazing! Atm i've got also 2 telecaster...1 is for sell...'cause the second is "quite strange": http://files.spazioweb.it/aruba37135/image/20150413_174021_resized.jpg
  7. ** UPDATE ** Now everything works fine... :p just rebooted the system and reinstalled drivers...seems that the driver that i'm using (without firmware upgrade 'cause i'm waiting from customer support the firmware itself) need compatibility mode with 8.1 :)
  8. Hi, hope to write in the correct section There's anyone using a USB DAC with Rocksmith 2014? I'm not able to use mine...it's a Cambridge Audio DacMagic 100. It's the last addiction of my setup, before i was playing with the integrated creative soundblaster of my audio boost system of my MSI Z97i. System tell me that no audio output is found, but obv i'm able to hear everything from youtube/mp3/flac/video... Any ideas?
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