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  1. i think you can simply save the file you are looking for from 'mysongbook' which uses GP guitar tabs. Then open the GP file with Tuxguitar to edit as you see fit. TuxGuitar is free BTW. You can then export it back into GP format. that is then the file you can use with EoF to create the CDLC.
  2. thx. By trial and error you can't simply rename the tuxguitar file. I found in tuxguitar that u are able to export to .gp5 file that can then (obviously) be imported into EoF however. Since I don't have GP5 I can't tell how accurate the export is or if it is as good as creating the tab in GP5 originally.
  3. Project: 1) Create Backing Tracks / Chord Progressions .MP3 files * I am sure there are plenty of these for Free somewhere on the net. 2) Tab out various practice scale patterns for learning. (This is what you would see in RS2014 to follow along with) I have tuxguitar (because it's free) but it can be exported to .GP5 I believe. 3) Provide Key Signatures / Scale information 4) Have someone smarter than me create the cDLC for them :) (I would love to do some of this part myself but I am still learning) 5) Begin full scale repository for NooB guitar players to enjoy learning some techniques for solo'N (I just don't enjoy session mode very much) Anyone interested in working on creating a project??
  4. Quick Question: is it possible to use other Tab Editor software such as Tux?? Being that its free?? Can EoF import that song file?? Cheers, Just a Newb_bomber and I'm looking to make my own CDLC to share... #learning_Curve
  5. Hi all, I pretty new here and to the cDLC available but I think that setting up scales would be highly useful to new players. Technique is what is most important for sure but if you don't have your own discipline to "Practice" well sucking isn't your only problem. I haven't made cDLC and not sure how hard it is to do; but from the work ive DL'd myself from here there are some talented people that can take full scale patterns lay them out in slower time/tempo then break them up into smaller 3 or 4 string sub patterns that include basic slides, tremolo and bends. repeat 3-4 bars (bang) move to next section. that is easily followed up by a full pattern run and outro that repeats the smaller sub patterns. IDK just my opinion. Couldn't that be laid under a simple 3 chord pattern. That in itself is just simple song construction. IE. Most country & 80's rock pop music. What you really are looking for is a visual with backing tracks, but for those that need a bit of a visual guide on "Where" to go next. that helps greatly with developing both an "ear" and technique for soloing and improvisation.
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