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  1. Hi Magna, Please can you make these two Haim songs? I play Bass, I've been waiting literally years for them to be made. Two of their best top hits. God Bless :) Haim - If I could Change Your Mind Haim - Don't Save Me
  2. I imagine this question's been asked a few times but in the hope of progress.. Has anyone created custom songs for 5 String Bass? Gutted I can't use the low B in game. Songs from artists like Jamiroquai would benefit in a big way! Has anyone managed to trick the game into showing 5 strings on the note highway? I'm sure someone in this talented community has worked something out?!
  3. I've answered my on post LOL, check out this video, happy days :)
  4. Quite a straight forward one but with the potential for lag on RS... What's the ideal setup when trying to play via an amp? Can the output be split so as to get your guitar / bass running through the dedicated amp, with rocksmith still playing through the monitor speakers. (I need to invest in a bass amp and before I do wanna see if it's worth getting better monitors instead) Cheers!
  5. Is there a way we can search for 5 string bass parts created as CDLC? Has anyone even posted any yet? Unfortunately I really suck making customs else I'd be on it!
  6. There seems to be a major problem with peeps creating customs songs that corrupt pretty much all other songs with regards to 'custom tones'. I am playing Bass and its really quite obvious that after applying custom songs to rocksmith 2014 the tone get really quiet and ANNOYINGLY TINNY! This is incredibly frustrating! I have deleted all my customs and started again from scratch. ...Now second time around AGAIN! I am encountering this issue. Two Points of topic: 1) Has anyone else experienced this issue. 2) We need some sort of vetting process to stop customs getting uploaded which corrupt the tone. Maybe something on the RS Toolkit to stop this from happening? I now have to delete all the songs AGAIN! and start from the beginning :(
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