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  1. Awesome can't wait, you're the best!
  2. Any chance for traveling riverside blues at some point in the future? Appreciate all the great work you have done over the years
  3. sounds awesome, and totally understand, appreciate all your great work
  4. Is there plans to put out Presence soon?
  5. I have a epiphone les paul jr, the same that the game comes with. For a while my high e string wasn't staying in tune. After switching out a few strings I found out that it wasn't the string and that the tuning peg was loose. How do I go about tightening the peg so that it stays in tune? Thanks
  6. Hey just checking in, do we have more coming soon? Keep up the great work
  7. I'll give that a try and see if that improves things, but I just think its night and day with some of the releases on here. None of the official songs sound anything like it.
  8. Are you downloading customs to listen to the songs? No But I like to actually hear my guitar when I play it and not have it blend in with the rest of the song.
  9. Ok thanks for explaining the techhincal reasoning, my next question would be so why doesn't rocksmith do that too?
  10. I've always wondered and thought i'd finally ask. Some of the sound quality on custom songs is just off the charts. I don't understand why rocksmith's releases don't have this same quality. Granted maybe some are louder than they should be but i'm blown away with some users customs on here. Has anyone else thought the same thing?
  11. Any idea when you will be posting more? I'm experiencing withdrawals lol
  12. Same take your time but once the ocean is released I might go on a 24 hour marathon lol
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