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  1. Happy Birthday August!

  2. Happy Birthday August!

  3. I'm not gonna lie, the vocals in Beartooth and Letlive really isn't my cup of tea. The Hearts Wake sounds pretty cool, but I haven't heard much of their music yet. Do you have any recommendations of what songs I should listen to by them? Their new album 'Earthwalker' is fantastic in it's entirety, Divine and Healer are two songs that most people love from it. Their older stuff is also nice, some standout tracks from earlier albums would be Survival, Inertia, and Departure. In my opinion they're another kick-arse band from Australia with solid vox and some cool guitar work thrown in every now-and-then. Hope you like 'em!
  4. Aye man, really nice selection of customs, everything from Chiodos to The Faceless?! Lovi all these -core CDLCS! :) Any chance of some Beartooth, In Hearts Wake, or letlive. songs? Cheers!
  5. Really super late to this but if you upload it I can give it a whirl and try to find a fitting tone. :)
  6. I'm a complete noob when it comes to recording, but do the pedals and the amp plug straight into the Scarlett, or am I able to use Scarlett alongside, say, POD Farm to get the tone I want to record with?
  7. I currently have: Spectrum Strat Copy (from when I was like 13) Schecter C-7 Hellraiser (Aged White, Replacing EMGs with Bareknuckle Juggernauts with burnt chrome covers, in the shop atm >.>) Schecter Diamond Series C-1 Elite Ibanez RG8 Next purchase is a Mayones Reguis 7 towards the summer, I'm also looking into getting a Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 for recording and such. (Might sell my RG8 and C-1 to fuel this purchase) Just sold my ESP-LTD EC1000 Deluxe, was my baby, but I needed the Hellraiser and the pickups. :'(
  8. I figured it out, I just went to their site and installed the whole of Wwise with all the components and now it's working, hopefully going to finish my first custom today. :)
  9. I've tried reinstalling it to no avail, how do I find the application event log?
  10. Hey everyone, I'm trying to get into the world of charting as there are many, many songs I'd love to give to the community! However, I'm faced with the issue of Wwise not wanting to open, after (hopefully) installing it correctly, I'm met with this error http://imgur.com/YGwdyQI Any ideas? Thanks in advance fellas. :)
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