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  1. That Flyying Colours track ticks all my boxes.
  2. For a different take on some pop classics, try Nouvelle Vague. Alternatively, Joe Cocker - A Little Help From My Friends.
  3. I've got them - I'll add links to each song in a few minutes Thanks, JPUK and thanks for all your work on the customs. I always look forward to them. You're very welcome :D
  4. I've got them - I'll add links to each song in a few minutes
  5. Might have a crack at this one myself...
  6. Excusez mon pauvre Français, je parle le Français comme une vache Espagnol :-) J'apprenais "Drive" de Joe Bonamassa pour le groupe dans lequel je suis, mais je n'ai pas fini d'en faire un CDLC. Je vais y revenir bientôt.
  7. I'll have a go at this tomorrow if that's ok with you?
  8. Give me a few minutes.....
  9. I've been meaning to have a crack at "Lady and Man" for a while now. Bass only, of course....
  10. Hi! Many thanks for your kind words - that means a lot to me :D I'd definitely stick to the Guitar Pro/Ear route. I've tried doing it straight into EoF and that's a real ball ache. The good thing about Guitar Pro is being able to easily sync it in Go PlayAlong and it's a doddle to make any changes and add/subtract bars etc. I've been down the midi file and nicking GP/Power Tab files from Ultimate-Guitar and they're usually a disappointment. Even tabs from "authorities" on the web can have bits missing, but everyone's human. I think you'll get more satisfaction from doing everything by ear
  11. Yes. I was only talking about this tune with some mates at the weekend as we waited outside the Cambridge Corn Exchange to see The Stranglers (hence all the Dr Feelgood cdlc - they were the support). Their tour bus was patked next to where we were queueing.
  12. I did start Bitch Is A Bitch by NWA some time ago but parked it as it's "a little" offensive...!
  13. I've just upgraded and I can confirm that the double click issue is no more! Many thanks @cozy1 :D
  14. Bittersweet Bundle is up now....
  15. My interest is piqued..... :D
  16. I'm interested in Freakin' Out and Bittersweet Bundle. Let's see what happens at the weekend ;)
  17. A video of me getting the error earlier: https://www.dropbox.com/s/25scc0pls0hiwfd/2019-03-05%2007.06.16.mp4?dl=0 A perfect example of me double clicking the first time when it fails and then single clicking and choosing OK the next time and it works. I feel bad now. I work in IT and have to trouble shoot issues like this almost every day. And I didn't think to look at how I was selecting the files..... d'oh!
  18. Just tried it again and there were no problems. This is like taking something which doesn't work back to a shop, you get it there and it's fine :D
  19. Click Add button to select EOF File Add Arrangement window opens Select file Check "if tone..." option Click OK Cllck button to add artwork Select artwork Click OK <- at this point, the Song Information fields can be cleared. Click button to add audio file Select audio file Click OK <- at this point, the Song Information fields can be cleared.Annoyingly, I've just created a new custom and the fields have not been cleared after selecting audio/artwork. I will monitor the situation and report back if/when it happens again. It was definitely happening yesterday.
  20. @@cozy1 - just tried again. If I add the EOF file using Add (not quick add), the track info - album, date, title etc) are all there. If I then add the Album art without repositioning the dialog box, it blanks the track info fields. If I reselect the EOF file, then add the Album Art and move the dialog box to the right, the track info isn't blanked. Next time I create one, I'll send you a screenshot.
  21. Second custom done, dialog box moved to the right when adding album art and mp3, and no fields blanked. This could be a result!
  22. Thanks @@cozy1, @@iminashi and @@Fedro I've replaced my .net with the earlier version and the installation of the latest Toolkit went without any dramas. I've just created a custom though and the fields were blanked out. On my next attempt, I moved the dialog box for selecting the album art to the right, selected the artwork, and it took it without blanking the rest of the fields out. I'll not know whether this is a coincidence until I do my next custom :D
  23. How do I fix the zip error about sandboxing please? I read somewhere that I need to unblock the zip file, which I did before installing I just did the auto update option to -a61b... and it failed with <ERROR> latestZipUrl AssemblyCaller failure.. An attempt was made to load an assembly.... I'm using .Net 4.7.2, Windows 7 64 bit. Also, this might be related, but when I'm generating a custom in RST, I'll select the bass part, then when I go to choose the album art or music file, it clears all the fields. There's no rhyme or reason to this - if I select the music file f
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