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About Me

Mission Statement: To produce bass-only customs which are as close as I can humanly get to the originals. With no lyrics. Or guitar parts. Bass only.

For updates, follow @JamesPrestonUK on Twitter.
Website: JamesPrestonUK.com


Important Notes:

  • I don't do guitar parts. I don't play guitar, so please don't ask. It can be difficult enough producing a decent sounding bass track after hacking around a Guitar Pro/Power Tab file, without having to worry about shifting all the guitar parts round as well. Not having a guitar, I can't test anything I may produce either. There are many guitar-only tracks on CustomsForge and generally the bass players here don't endlessly bitch about the lack of a part for them.
  • I don't do requests. Please don't post requests on any customs I create - use the Requests thread, that's what it is there for, and other charters will get to see your request. I monitor the thread, and if anything I'm interested appears, I'll attempt it.
  • Just because I've posted one track by a particular artist, it does not mean that I am about to, or willing to, produce customs of their entire back catalogue. I produce customs from tracks I like, and can't get too excited about working through everything some artist or other has done. 
  • I don't do guitar parts - just wanted to make sure that was clear.
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