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  1. Happy Birthday flameout101!

  2. Happy Birthday flameout101!

  3. I have five. Takamine EG530ASC six string electric-acoustic Epiphone DR-212 twelve string acoustic PRS-SE singlecut electric Washburn X-29 Electric Washburn T-24 Taurus bass The PRS is for standard and drop D and the Washburn is strung heavy for lower tunings. I generally leave it in E-flat so I can quick switch in Rocksmith, but it can comfortably go down to drop C My next guitar will likely have a trem bar and single coils, probably a Strat, but who knows when that will be.
  4. The first one where I got that "I played the whole solo" excited feeling was Iron Maiden - Run to the Hills.
  5. I have found that cheaper strings I buy in ten packs tend to last longer for me. If I decide to "treat" my guitar to a nice set of boutique strings, I can be sure I will break one within a few days. Usually the B or G. I tend to fool myself into believing that differences in strings will help me sound better. Not at my level. Another few hours of practice....now that will make me sound better! Oh, but those fresh strings do feel so nice under the fingers. Anyway, back to the problem at hand, if you are breaking consistently at one tuner you might try moving them around. Swap out the G and High E heads and see if that helps. Maybe you have a tiny burr in there that is cutting into the string.
  6. A little hunting on craigslist will occasionally turn up high end Warwick basses in that price range. I saw a really nice Warwick thumb bass go for about 700 bucks a short while ago. I just love that Warwick growl. "You know those Germans, they make great stuff."
  7. I rename my files for consistency in the folder. It hasn't caused any problems so far.
  8. I don't have that song but still had the crash. I thought it was related to "Queensryche - Revolution Calling" but I haven't had any issues since my last post and "Revolution" remains in my library and frequently played. One of the problems with isolating a cause is that I typically add 5-10 songs at a time. On a side note, for those who have never experienced this bug, It happens when you exit the program. There is no warning and when you find out you have been affected it is already too late. Your files are already corrupted. Take a moment and make a backup, amigos.
  9. I don't understand why you would need to reinstall the entire game. Can you elaborate? Unless you mean installing the backup, for that just delete your "remote" folder and replace it with the backed up "remote" folder.
  10. It's been happening to me as well beginning 5 days ago. I was lucky as I play on multiple computers so I copied the save file from an uncorrupted game and transferred it to the box with the blown save file. I have been backing up the game every so often as I go since then. I guess I will keep doing it while I wait for for someone smarter than me to diagnose and fix this problem. BTW, your Win 7 save file location is: C:> Program Files(x86) > Steam > userdata > (your ID number) > 221680 > Remote Copy the whole Remote file to backup.
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