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  1. So I just realized that the songs I had been adding for the last month or two are not showing up when I start RS. I have been using the toolkit for over a year... I can not for the life of me understand what happened in the last month or two that would have made it no longer update songs.....
  2. Steam has a new update that has the game functioning properly again, no other dl needed.
  3. Just wondering considering I saw a crap ton of viper83's cdlc updated just a couple days ago and now again there is another wall of viper83's CDLC's ? Is this an error or is there really an update? I dont want to have to re dl all that stuff..... Any input?
  4. Yup it is alive again! Thanks for the heads up!
  5. I can confirm that Chrome is having this issue also. There are no CDLC showing up for me either. This was not a problem yesterday, so as far as flushing..... that did not work.
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