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  1. Play the songs you wanna play!If they are too hard, just use riff repeater to slow them down and then when you are comfortable, speed up a bit. Choose the coolest, most difficult bass lines you can think of and start nice and slow... Music is about feeling. Play the music that makes you feel good and when you are able to play it properly at the right speed, the rewards will be that much sweeter than if you played an old music just because it's easy enough for you. I suggest Hysteria and The Lemon Song ;)
  2. Thank you. It really is incredible. It has it's uhhh... character quirks though hahaha - the tuning head for the E string a a bit sloppy and the nut is very worn down so the strings are way too close to the fret board up by the head so they make all sorts of buzzes when they shouldn't and tracking down a nut that will fit the old gal is turning out to be quite difficult. I ordered got on online from some place that assured me it would fit a '73 - '74 Jazz Bass but it is maybe 3mm too wide :/ It cost me 17,500,00 South African Rands which is 1,048.43 EUR
  3. Aww gonna miss you my Funky French friend. I know your new bands bottom end is gonna be more than taken care of ;)
  4. Just started making play through videos. If any of you charters would like videos to use as play through's on your pages, lemme know... as long as its BASS!

  5. Wahey! Fantastic! Such a shame there is so little footage like this.
  6. Here you go @@justgimmethefunk I haven't taken any pictures yet myself so here are some the guy who sold it to me took and used in his ad which I was lucky enough to find. http://screencast.com/t/kfLbaLrI6li http://screencast.com/t/CDtne1jIsNEV http://screencast.com/t/ZiqYitYHptm http://screencast.com/t/1fnc8uBETu http://screencast.com/t/tDw10dyUd According to guitardaterproject.org: Your guitar was made at the Fullerton Plant (Fender - CBS Era), USA in the Year(s): 1973 - 1974 I am a very happy boy! An old American Fender Jazz!!!!!!! The paint job might not be original but it still makes me feel like Bootsy Collins playing with James Brown hahaha
  7. Guess who is the proud and totally stoked owner of a 1973 American Standard Fender Jazz Bass :tada:
  8. Its an "early wireless hookup" according to the Standing in the Shadows of Motown book which has this pic in it. The receiver is the little gadget with the antenna sitting on top of the piano. And according to t he book, that is Uriel Jones on thh drums ;)
  9. :plus1: :plus1: :plus1: :plus1: :plus1: :plus1: :plus1:
  10. HHahaha don't be silly @@justgimmethefunk! I know that and I was just joking about you "taunting" me. I am looking forward to that day very much because I know you are right!
  11. lol thanks for making me feel like I made the right decision :P
  12. Naah. I didn't :( A Fender expert here in Cape Town told me it wasn't worth what the guy was asking and reluctantly, I let it slip away. But the next bass I buy will almost certainly be a Fender Jazz - just like the one in my avatar lol ;)
  13. http://screencast.com/t/ZP2ch2U4R The save file appears to damaged and cannot be loaded. I have lost my profile! 400 hours of game play data gone! It happened for the first time about a week ago and I have made my piece with this. I mean I play this game to get myself to practice more and it really works so so what if I have lost all my facts and figures and what not! My problem is that it is happening EVERY TIME I want to play and I am SO over creating a new profile EVERY DAY! I am using Windows10 Anybody got any advice?
  14. OH MY GOD!!! There are some BEAUTIFUL machines there! Thanks. Not much in the way of stuff that isn't all original though. After looking through what is on that site, I see that the guy selling the '73 is about right about the value of a Jazz Bass from that time but I am still at a loss as to whether or not to take the risk of buying an old bass that might be worth less than I think it is because of the non-original paint job and pickups. I'll keep an eye out here in Cape Town for your 70's Sting Ray ;)
  15. I have found a bass online that I am seriously considering buying but there are a few things about it that I am not so sure about and the opinions of you guys might make all the difference to my decision. It is an old Fender Jazz. A 1973!!! As you will see from the pictures, it is a thing of absolute beauty but the beauty is a fake one unfortunately. It is not an original paint job. The pickups are not original either. Neither is the scratch plate nor the ashtray covers. Everything else is original. The guy wants 17 900 South African Rands (which is about 1 200 Euro's, 870 Pounds, 1340 US Dollars). I have been emailing back and forth with him and he goes on and on about what a good investment it is but my questions is, how much has he destroyed the value of this old beast by putting a new coat of paint on it and replacing the pickups? Also, the only serial number I have seen is the one on the neck plate (which checks out according to http://www.guitardaterproject.org/fender.aspx)but I don't have any experience in old Fenders and have no idea how to spot a fake and we all know old Fenders are faked a lot!. Here is a link to the ad http://www.gumtree.co.za/a-musical-instruments/claremont-newlands/vintage-rare-fender-ibanez-and-electric-upright-bass-guitars/1001391978890910041296709 Any thoughts would be much appreciated :)
  16. If its funky and soulful, who gives a shit when it was made lol All good art is timeless anyway ;)
  17. I have a book with James Brown tabs and notation if anyone of you charters are interested....
  18. @majikman: Maybe a special Bassolympics besides the regular one with just one song per week? Let's discuss it with the others. yea yea sounds good!
  19. Wahey! This is exciting stuff! Not only is being a proud member of the Funk/Soul Appreciation Society going to improve my bass playing by exposing me to the stylings of some of the most creative and electrifyingly stimulating bassists of all time (or least since man figured out how to record shit lol) but it is also going to expose me to cool 'new' music! Happy Happy! Hey! Here is a crazy idea... How about we put one of these songs in the Bass Olympics every week!? Like we just start at the top with A Taste of Honey and we work our way through the funkadelic and soulful wonderlands we are going to encounter one week and one spine tingling song at a time. Or.... because this is a bass thing.... we start at the bottom! B) lol
  20. WAHEY!!! This is exciting stuff! Not only will my bass playing improve by being here but I am also going to be exposed to lots of cool music! Happy Happy!
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