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  1. Happy Birthday RicYin!

  2. Happy Birthday RicYin!

  3. I care because I use the Ignition Search collection feature to keep track of what songs I've already downloaded and as an easy way to see what songs have recently been updated. I want to give a fresh start to my collection because of the big differences in cdlc quality and a lot of corrupted cdlc. However, I don't feel like clicking 'remove from collection' 1500 times..
  4. Is there any way to remove large amounts of cdlc from my collection on ignition search?
  5. Thanks for this great tool! Somehow it even exported tabs for dlc I dont own.. B)
  6. My first entry in the championship. After a couple tries I got a good score on bass for Diamonds in the mine. @@RealityPixels About notes on different strings but the same fret, i try to fret both strings (in this case) without moving my finger too much. I'm useless with a guitar, couldn't get past the first section in Underdog on rhythm. Maybe i just need to change strings.. they're all rusted and haven't been changed in more than a year xD I did manage to get a score in Heathens on lead.
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