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  1. Great! thank you, it worked At last, this works on my Mac - thanks so much.
  2. OK, many thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I'm reinstalling now as per the instructions so I'll let you know how things go. Cheers! Nick.
  3. Hi there, Many thanks for this. It looks like it converts, I can see the song in my library, I select it to play it, it goes to tune guitar and then I just get the screen with the pic of the two amps on it and it stops there. Would love to get this working as my Mac is indoors and my PC is out in the cold garage! Thanks, Nick.
  4. Hello all, Many thanks to everyone involved for all of the work here. I have been using CDLC on a Win PC for ages but I now have a Mac. I am trying to convert the existing PC files to Mac but I am getting the message about the Toolkit requiring Mono 2.8 or higher to run. Looks like this version of the toolkit is now unavailable: https://www.dropbox....oolkit.zip?dl=0 Is there anywhere else that I can get it, please? Thanks, Nick. EDIT: Oops just seen the post above. How did I not see that? Sorry!
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