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  1. i wasn't aware of that...i'll have too update to the newest version cfsm if i don;t have it on the one i have now...thank you...that sounds like it'll get it done nicely
  2. lol sorry...i did the exact same things as above to find a saved tone i had that i'd like to attach to my personal cdlc and didn;t think i needed to bore you by retyping the steps the last guy posted this at the end of his post EDIT: the problem was not that, I think they have solved. I was hoping he could shed some light on why he got the error or how "they" got it solved
  3. i loaded an authentic tone...tweaked a knob and saved it under an easy name to find...but i end up with the same problems as above...any solution? would it be because i started with an authentic tone?
  4. Azreal's post was extremely helpful to me...a band i play in will play everything in e standard...so an example is guns n roses tunes in E flat i needed to change to E standard...after alot of googling and starting to try complicated stuff, just importing in the creator gave me access to the ogg file (which i transposed in adobe audition one semi tone up) and also i was able to change the instruments tuning....awesome, easy, and quick way to do it! can;t thank you enough because nobody else had an easy solution! sorry if i'm affecting the posted topic by replying here....i know nothing about f
  5. New to this whole thing....but i don;t seem to find any info on setlists or playlists...where do they show up on rs 2014? am i supposed to just drag a new folder into the dlc folder everytime i want songs in just e tuning? rs roadie doesn;t seem to do anything on either computer and customs forge manager is really nice but after i spend large amounts of time making setlists, how do i actually use them? do they show up on a RS menu during nonstop play? please help....googled wayyy too much to come up empty handed
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