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  1. How can I tell if i'm strumming correctly? I don't know if I strum correctly or either wrong. Does it matter how the way you strum the guitar or hold a pick???
  2. Is this normal ? There is a literally a guy talking in the mic shouting out with his speaker megaphone spurting out random phrases in the main menu screen and sometimes when i play a song. This guy just shouted out "KILL EM ALL" for no reason. Please help me fix this . it is very annoying and unnecessary. I once heard him say "Why does he love niggers?" that is highly a stupid question.. coming from a rocksmith random music player thing or that radio station. please help me fix this! it disturbs my practicing and gaming
  3. some links are broken like "we are 138"
  4. Please help ! my RSTOOLKIT won't open up or do anything. I even waited for 3 hours nothing still won't pop up or show!!! I also have the correct version of mono installed it's still not working. I also tried the wineskin but it says I have a only read-only it wont allow me. My account is already read-write and I'm admin. What do I do? ): I need CDLCS really bad
  5. RSINJECTOR wont open on mac! please help. I need custom songs for mac . is there any new versions for this program
  6. Hey dude how did u make the logo like Muse's? i've been trying to figure that out lol thxx for the customs i'm also a pwoper Muser.
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