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  1. Not sure yet about the range price, I'd say up to 700 USD. Nope, it doesn't have to be a Les Paul shaped, just a guitar with a good action, a full Whammy and I'll add a killswitch later on. I'm afraid that Esp would be better for metal only perhaps? I took a look on that Esp, it has a Floyd Rose bridge, I'd prefere a regular since I don't like Floyd Rose bridges since my last experience. =)
  2. Hey guys! I have been playing guitars for about 12-13 years but I'm not that good as I should be anyway: can't still manage tapping properly for instance, but I'm thinking about getting a new axe. I had a special Stratocaster edition years ago and I hated it (it was called Fender Fat Strat Deluxe W/ Floyd Rose) I've been listening to a lot of Buckethead stuff and I'd like to have something close to it. On the new axe I'm thinking of, I'd need a killswitch, a full tremolo and a very good action. What would you guys suggest? I'm pretty sure I'd need someone to build the killswitch later on because as far as I know only the signature Buckethead comes with the killswitch(es). Thank you in advance and sorry because my english is still rusty XD.
  3. Thank you for now guys :) I've fixed right now, it was the cable, the wires inside were pulled out. Thanx again.
  4. I do have an amp but I don't really know how to test it out since the out is a USB =( UPDATE: I guess it's the cable as @@Attitude said. I've tried the cable on another laptop and I can't see the volume raises when I strum the strings. Do they still sell the USB cables anyway? I remember I've looked for them last year but I wasn't able to find them, just some auctions for about 100 euros lol.
  5. Yeah sometimes it happens to me as well but it's on 100%. I'm guessing it could be some drivers that were auto-downloaded and that are creating some conflicts between themselves. Already tried to uninstall and re-install the driver but the drivers are always there..
  6. Thank you for the answers guys, Under control panel the level of realtone cable is like off, even if I strum the strings, that should be the problem but can't figure out how I can solve that. FOr the rest, I've tried to unplug/plug back in the cable itself and the middle cable as well. It sees the device but looks like It doesn't get volume from it. And nope I don't have active pickups :)
  7. Tried that about one hundred times, I made that mistake too in the past :) But it's just like that, it's just like there is no volume at all.
  8. Hello guys, I've got a problem with the cable since a few days now. I haven't played for about 3-4 days. I tried yesterday but there's something strange going on, I can see that the cable is plugged in and the laptop "sees" it but when I open rocksmith, there's no audio coming out. Any suggestion? Thank you in advance
  9. @@Mortalo I'm really sorry bro, I didn't pay attention this time. I'm going to play them again later on or tomorrow, and post them again. Sorry for that :)
  10. Lead - Intermediate 96,51% Rythm - Intermediate 92,85% Bass - Intermediate 99,7% Lead - Advanced 85,6% Rythm - Advanced 97,0% Bass - Advanced 99,4% Lead - Masterclass 93,2% Bass - Masterclass 98,2%
  11. I'm back, fixed the cable and ready to rock again! I'm going to post my scores later on :)
  12. No way it's December 24th but I won't wait, I think I'm just getting it from Amazon...like now :)
  13. Unfortunately I have to skip this week hoping to find a cable next week. I've spent this week just trying to fix it but I think it's pretty much done. Good luck guys! :)
  14. My Rocksmith cable broke some days ago...This is great >_< Plus I had been busy watching the ending of Sons Of Anarchy, and I've even posted a song on youtube where a user basically told me that I should learn to play guitar and sing too XD. I hope I can find a cable somewhere asap. I have to go with my first results this week.
  15. Ok, let's start this! I've played almost everything this week Because I really liked the songs, I've tried Soothsayer so many times before and can't get past the 80,5%. so here we go: Beginner - Lead 97,05% Beginner - Bass 98,95% Intermediate - Lead 95,61% Advanced - Lead 90,84% Advanced - Rhytm 95,2% Advanced - Bass 100% Masterclass - Lead 80,5% Masterclass - Rythm 87,0% Masterclass - Bass 99,57% I could give some more tries to Warrant and Dropkick Murphys's Rythms. I should be able to master the bass on RATM but I can't really get any higher than that on Soothsayer's lead :)
  16. I wish that too Frippchen that's why I stopped playing it :)
  17. This is gonna be my last update on FTLOG, I can't get any higher than this, I could do a little bit better if I would have a 24 fret tho :) FTLOG - Lead 82,3%
  18. Yes! I did it! I'm pretty satisfied but I could try to do better tho...:) FTLOG Lead - 80,9%
  19. Small update and a little higher than my previous try :) FOR THE LOVE OF GOD 76,2% Lead @@Kaijin, I can't tell you what was the problem, I just see that some sustained standard notes cannot be detected but again it's my fault for sure, about my skills or strings, I don't think there's any Issue on your tab. :)
  20. Can you tell me which sections the notes aren't registering? Until now, nobody else had that problem (or at least nobody told me), the custom was made in April, so it's been out for several months, but it might be just because the song is too difficult and most players didn't notice the notes not registering (like me :P). If you can be more specific about which notes don't register, I can take a look in EoF and see if there's anything wrong. Thanks Hey there, sorry for being late but I just came back home. It was just a feeling but it could have been me that sucks as hell ;) I'll try that again in a few minutes and let you know, I think the tab is very well done so it could be me that can't play it properly or the guitar that wasn't tuned perfectly. :)
  21. I'd like to aim to that as well with FTLOG but I think I can't manage to do that, Sometimes it doesn't detect the notes I'm playing, I don't know why.
  22. Beginner Lead - 100% Beginner Rythm - 100% Intermediate Lead - 90,1% Advanced Lead - 95,55% Advanced Rythm - 95,94% Masterclass Lead - 73,2% Masterclass Bass - 98,32% To be honest I didn't want to bother more than once with Deathray :) Never heard of "For the love of God" before and really loved it! I hated that you would need a 24 fret tho :)
  23. Advanced Bass - 97,21% 107 streak Advanced Lead - 91,3% 64 streak Advanced Rhythm - 93,75% 126 streak I pretty much sucked with Moneytalks lol. Lay Down was fun to play, I forgot to download it back then. :)
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