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    I have an endless list of CDLC which use the same tone pretty much. If anyone is willing to, feel free to write down the tones and settings in the CDLC that corresponds to the tone you have made. One rule is try not to directly copy other tones. The tones can be anything from bass to overdrive and octave.

    I'm a gamer, writer, digital artist, and of course a guitar and bass player. I also compose music.

    I am a tabber.
    The reason I became a tabber is because there's a lot of underrated bands that deserve honouring for how creative and awesome their music is. And another reason I tab is because there's not many existing tabs of songs from games or bands with excellent music. Hell, even bands who most of you probably have never heard of.
    If you want to learn how to start tabbing, I created a short simple guide on how to:

    My guitars:
    E Standard:
    Kiesel DC600. https://www.dropbox.com/s/e68fkyef4wf7axj/Guitar%20specs.txt?dl=0
    Eb Standard:
    Ibanez RGIR20FE Iron Label Electric Guitar in Black
    D - C Standard:
    Zero X Dave Mustaine - Classic Black
    B Standard:
    Lindo LDG-7X Quilted Maple 7-String Electric Guitar - Turquoise Burst
    F# Standard:
    Ibanez RGDIX6MPB Surreal Blue Burst
    My bass guitars:
    Harley Benton BZ-6000 NT
    Rocktile 4 St Bass - Bass Classic Black

    My Dream Guitars:
    - Skervesen Prometheus (Six string bass)

  • Guitar
    one with strings
  • Bass
    one that slap
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    Demetori, Sylosis, Architects, Death, FamilyJules, RichaadEB, xi-on, insaneintherainmusic, Falcom Sound Team, Ujico, Snail's House
  • Rocksmith
    Windows (Steam)

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  1. Sorry for not being active for a while. A few things. First, requests. I’ve been considering how I take requests, what requests I will most likely complete. I made a list of bands and games I will most likely create CDLC for, or maybe even tab if you’re lucky. Second, I’ve been busy with other projects. Third. I was practising guitar nearly every day for hours. But, I got into HoTS again recently. It’s one of those games that visually, it’s really beautiful, it could be more beautiful, but gameplay wise, it’s really fun. Other than Chromie and Sonya with heal talents only. But, gem only skins are stupid. RIP HoTS’ skin system for new heroes. So, CDLC and Tabs. What should you expect from now? CDLC, all the Omnific and Scale The Summit – In A World Of Fear. As regards to tabs. I’ll be honest with you. I don’t feel much guilt for using these for educational purposes. The reason being, why would you release your tabs for GP5 download and so on? People are gonna buy it and reupload it. Just look at my old STS. Most of them, do my knowledge, is their tabs. It’s because websites other than Ultimate Guitar, let them on there. And you know what, I don’t really give a shit what happens to myself or anyone who uses these tabs for educational purposes. My point is, if you want the tabs, buy them. The CDLC is free. And you should be supporting bands whenever you can. I’d buy all my MP3 files from Bandcamp if they even existed on there. It’s genius, you get all the song details, all the right names, song lengths, etc. No bullshit 1900’s quality wax music. I like to buy only from bands who I feel have put hard work and effort into songs, like Demetori, I would fucking love to pay £100 for all the albums and songs in the highest quality format, but because no such thing exists, I’m stuck to using YouTube videos. I do get pleasure in wasting my money on good bands and songs. As for tabs, I have two ‘Musts’ which should be completed before summer. Both Demetori. Here’s the hints. _____ Temple. __ ___ who sold the ____ Bonus, for a tab that I might make during the summer. It’s from a band called SOiL. I was introduced to them by my mother, with the song Halo, and being the person I am, I approached the band with an open mind. First album, meh. Second album, good. Third album and onwards, really good. It’s not like melodic in anyway. But, the vocals are great, the guitars are pretty good too. Simple, but good. One of the songs, is: ___ Me So, let’s hope I get all this CDLC done quick so I can tab these songs, and whilst I’m playing HoTS, I’m gonna play it for until my stimpack runs out, which is when I just play for the daily quests. I’m trying to get all my heroes to level 15.

    1. Huile


      I'm looking especially forward to ___ who sold the ____! Keep up the good work! Did you know you can buy Demetori's two latest albums from https://ovs.akbh.jp/products/list.php?maker_id=771 ? FYI, the shipping is a bit expensive. Here's a source link to Demetori's web site where they tell you can buy the albums from that web address: http://demetori.xii.jp/ Quote from their site: ""Determinism & DestruKction" and "Lebenstrieb & Todestrieb" will be dealt with "AKIBA-HOBBY".

      Because it is thing that shipping to overseas is also possible, please use it."

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