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    I have an endless list of CDLC which use the same tone pretty much. If anyone is willing to, feel free to write down the tones and settings in the CDLC that corresponds to the tone you have made. One rule is try not to directly copy other tones. The tones can be anything from bass to overdrive and octave.

    I'm a gamer, writer, digital artist, and of course a guitar and bass player. I also compose music.

    I am a tabber.
    The reason I became a tabber is because there's a lot of underrated bands that deserve honouring for how creative and awesome their music is. And another reason I tab is because there's not many existing tabs of songs from games or bands with excellent music. Hell, even bands who most of you probably have never heard of.
    If you want to learn how to start tabbing, I created a short simple guide on how to:

    My guitars:
    E Standard:
    Kiesel DC600. https://www.dropbox.com/s/e68fkyef4wf7axj/Guitar%20specs.txt?dl=0
    Eb Standard:
    Ibanez RGIR20FE Iron Label Electric Guitar in Black
    D - C Standard:
    Zero X Dave Mustaine - Classic Black
    B Standard:
    Lindo LDG-7X Quilted Maple 7-String Electric Guitar - Turquoise Burst
    F# Standard:
    Ibanez RGDIX6MPB Surreal Blue Burst
    My bass guitars:
    Harley Benton BZ-6000 NT
    Rocktile 4 St Bass - Bass Classic Black

    My Dream Guitars:
    - Skervesen Prometheus (Six string bass)

  • Guitar
    one with strings
  • Bass
    one that slap
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    Demetori, Sylosis, Architects, Death, FamilyJules, RichaadEB, xi-on, insaneintherainmusic, Falcom Sound Team, Ujico, Snail's House
  • Rocksmith
    Windows (Steam)

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  1. Here’s a big update for you guys. So, winter, I’m assuming by the constantly changing warm to cold to warm weather, is coming to an end. And that means I have to open my windows soon… which sucks. But, I have recently purchased a Razer Thresher, and a new mouse because my current mouse is a mess. It works fine, but I will keep it as a backup. I got the Razer Basilisk. Because I know that at some point, I’m gonna go back to Overwatch (I quit because I was getting angry, and I didn’t see much point in collecting skins or levelling up any more) And I definitely have a use for the DPI clutch. I will use it for speed moving my mouse across the street, or spazzing out in game. It will be pretty funny. But I was so hyped to see this mouse. It was out in the US, I was waiting for it to come to the UK. It’s gonna be interesting. The reason I bought a new headset too whilst I was at it. My current headset, literally has DIY work I’ve done on it, all over it. It lasted a good two years. It wasn’t a Razer fortunately. Because I’m actually gonna start praising Razer now. I will explain why later. This headset supposedly ‘Cancels outside noise’. As shown in a video by some guy who was actually making a random video about the Razer Thresher, it showed and this was what I was worried about, it showed that it was designed to keep out noise, so you hear a child scream outside your house, the headphones should block out that noise, and that’s the reason why I bought it. I hear a lot of noise where I live, and in the summer, that’s a pain in the ass. Ear defenders are really uncomfortable, I do have a pair just encase, but I look forward to getting these headphones. A lot of money. I’m expecting good quality… and if it is, then I will praise Razer. And you wanna know why? Razer keyboards, and mouse mats. My first ever Razer product was a Kraken pro I think? I got it in pink, and I won’t lie, I think those were the best headphones I ever had, and they broke, I was only getting one audio output (To one ear). I have no idea how it happened, but I forgive Razer for that, because technical difficulties do happen. Surprisingly, my Rocksmith realtone cable has been working for years. 0 damage do it, looks brand new. So with the headphones, I just got rid of them, they weren’t really any use. I then took it upon myself I think about either a year or two ago, where I decided, I was a big Overwatch fan, I wanted merch, and I wanted a new keyboard most importantly. I had used many keyboards. Under £25 LED’s. A blank keyboard (Which is my second favourite, it has no key printing on it, it’s just blank, I’m a good touch typer) I even got given a Razer Blackwidow with Macro keys by a friend, I never got along with it, it wasn’t LED. And in the end, I was fed up of these cheap keyboards not working properly, or the keys wearing off. Then I discovered the Razer Blackwidow, which I liked, and I decided to replace it, because I was stuck with that at the time. I found it was LED lit, backlit, had Overwatch on it, had the Overwatch font. It was beautiful, and I had a thing for neat things at the time, like the Overwatch hero colour showing on the keyboard, that was a neat feature, which sadly no longer works for some reason. So I got this keyboard, first impressions, really good, I literally only had to plug it in and it installed Razer Synapse for me. I customised it. Really really happy with this so far. Got around to using it. My only complaint is the noise that the keys make. I guess if you’re wearing the Thresher, it’s useful for knowing when you’ve clicked a button. So, skip around to a year later, thousands upon thousands of hours of use. To give you an idea of what that’s like. I use my PC every day. I at least use the keyboard anywhere from 3-16 hours per day. For a year. My most used keys are the WASD, shift, space ETC. All typing keys for basic things. And no wear. Literally, no wear. There are marks from where the satin finish I guess is not satin, I’m assuming it’s satin. It looks shiny basically. It can have a reflection. BUT THE FUCKING PRINT IS STILL THERE? WHATEVER IS THIS SORCERY? FIND THE MAN WHO BUILT THIS KEYBOARD. BURN HIM… A PIG. FEED HIM THAT BIG, AND GIVE HIM A MEDAL. If it wasn’t for all the bits and bobs getting behind the keys in the backlit area, I would say this looks almost brand new. I’ve never had any issues with this, and very little issues with the software, and because of that, I recommend Razer keyboards. Or at least the Blackwidow. As for the mouse mat. Really durable. It’s a long Overwatch mouse mat which fits both mouse and keyboard on it. Print quality is great, scratches and marks are there, but regardless, good mouse mat until you move it a lot. Then the grip collects dust. I currently have it pinned underneath my secondary monitor. But god damn I am becoming a Razer fanboy, I swear, if these next two products are amazing, and durable, I will kneel before the almighty Razer. You’re not paying for the name in that case, you’re paying for the GAME. The game being ‘The long search for a decent and durable piece of hardware’ As for updates, with the headphones, I’m hoping they will work. I will begin tabbing in the summer, where I plan on not playing many video games. The reason being, is my room gets really warm. Even here in the winter, it’s like 23 degrees Celsius, playing no games. So to prevent my room from burning me alive, in the summer, I will choose to put my time into drinking lemonade with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, or a cream soda without the bullshit inside it. And tabbing. I’m gonna save my tabs until the summer, so I can relax and not focus entirely on games. I might play Cyberpunk 2077 when that comes out, Borderlands 3 YES PLEASE. The next Witcher game if any. A new Doom if there is ever gonna be a sequel. And Overwatch of course, assuming the updates are any good. So look forward to all that I guess. I will create CDLC early so I can play games. I have all The Omnific tabs now. And most of Scale The Summit Bass tabs, all the Guitar Tabs. The thing with Scale The Summit, is I like them as a band. I’ve never been asked ‘Why do you still like them? Chris is a cunt right?’ I didn’t understand what the band were trying to say when they were in an interview, I mean the drummer, Mark, and Travis. So I was sorta fearful of how the band would sound now, which fortunately, was just the same as before with less bass. So I decided the other day, to look at why they broke up again, and apparently, Chris was saying he couldn’t afford to pay the band and tour or something? I read this really weird article which sourced all the statements. It started with one of the producers I think, posting a meme. The ‘I can’t afford to pay my band starter pack’ which is pretty immature to be honest. I hate memes usually unless they’re really creative. This was more like mocking someone. And trust me, I have a lot against rich people who beg for more money. So I do more research, Chris apparently tried to defend himself, he made a good point though, his wife, I think was a number 1 new york times selling author or something like that, so that explains the large income, but I will say this. If you’re spending money on Lamborghini’s and big houses when you don’t need them, you don’t deserve that much money. I would be perfectly happy with an apartment myself, but only if it meets my requirements. At the end of the day, I don’t judge people by their pasts or their actions. If their profession is music, then leave it at that. It should be treated like a job or a hobby. As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, it’s fine. Chris isn’t really hurting anyone by keeping Scale The Summit alive. He’s made me happy. And I can stay happy, because the band breaking up has nothing to do with the music, and like everything, this just flies away and becomes irrelevant. It’s like the when a band member leaves or dies, they are mourned to an extent, and forgotten until you remember it. And this is just something that we’re going to forget, it’s happened, I don’t think anything can change it. If a pedophile works in a school, well, obviously he needs to be dealt with appropriately. Fired from the job of course and sent somewhere where he wouldn’t potentially harm someone. If a murderer works as a butcher. Perhaps they shouldn’t work in using tools or machinery. And we have to forgive people sometimes, for the most vile actions. People can change. And that is a good thing for a lot of people and a lot of bands, businesses, laws, etc. Not every change will necessarily be benefiting you, but if everything was as it was, things could go wrong. So the point of all of that, was to say really, don’t base someone’s present or future based on their past, because it will make them out to be someone they are not. The present I will call about a month, I guess. The past, more than a month. And the future is infinite. It’s one of the most important pieces of advice I can give anyone. Who knows, Kurt Cobain might have been a pedophile, but if he can play his music well, then that’s just his job at the end of the day. Raping kids has nothing to do with it. It will if it requires a prison sentence, and it should, but please do keep that in mind. I see way too many opinions used to slam someone for who they are when they are only doing their job. One example I can give I guess. Is I’m not particularly keen on Jeremy Clarkson, for the reason that he’s a conservative supporting asshole. And if I was really into cars and stuff, I would watch Top Gear or the Grand Tour, and ignore the fact that he is an asshole. And you know, that’s partly an invasion of privacy in a way, the fact you latch onto something you heard about someone that may or may not be true, and use that against them. That’s like exposing any person ever. If a YouTuber gets caught torturing someone for example, that shouldn’t affect who they are as a YouTuber. A taxi driver, will drive people around. That’s that, the taxi driver doesn’t necessarily intend to kidnap them unless they have done that in their job. Personal life affects job = fired. Job affects only job = Okay. It’s really simple. With that massive rant done, I suppose I should close by saying the CDLC coming up. The Omnific Scale The Summit (Listening to more albums at the moment, I might find a band I really like)

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