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    I have an endless list of CDLC which use the same tone pretty much. If anyone is willing to, feel free to write down the tones and settings in the CDLC that corresponds to the tone you have made. One rule is try not to directly copy other tones. The tones can be anything from bass to overdrive and octave.

    I'm a gamer, writer, digital artist, and of course a guitar and bass player. I also compose music.

    I am a tabber.
    The reason I became a tabber is because there's a lot of underrated bands that deserve honouring for how creative and awesome their music is. And another reason I tab is because there's not many existing tabs of songs from games or bands with excellent music. Hell, even bands who most of you probably have never heard of.
    If you want to learn how to start tabbing, I created a short simple guide on how to:

    My guitars:
    E Standard:
    Kiesel DC600. https://www.dropbox.com/s/e68fkyef4wf7axj/Guitar%20specs.txt?dl=0
    Eb Standard:
    Ibanez RGIR20FE Iron Label Electric Guitar in Black
    D - C Standard:
    Zero X Dave Mustaine - Classic Black
    B Standard:
    Lindo LDG-7X Quilted Maple 7-String Electric Guitar - Turquoise Burst
    F# Standard:
    Ibanez RGDIX6MPB Surreal Blue Burst
    My bass guitars:
    Harley Benton BZ-6000 NT
    Rocktile 4 St Bass - Bass Classic Black

    My Dream Guitars:
    - Skervesen Prometheus (Six string bass)

  • Guitar
    one with strings
  • Bass
    one that slap
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    Demetori, Sylosis, Architects, Death, FamilyJules, RichaadEB, xi-on, insaneintherainmusic, Falcom Sound Team, Ujico, Snail's House
  • Rocksmith
    Windows (Steam)

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  1. Change of plans. I want to rush these tabs to get around to working on other projects, and play games. I’m going to tab every song I want to tab before I get my first ever custom guitar… which arrives and falls into my hands in March. Unfortunately, doing this, is going to drive me insane, but also sharpen my ability to tab. The way I tab is different to how others do it, I prefer if my method was not shown. Today though, after completing another tab, I decided to try a Demetori tab. But, the BPM was all wrong. The entire song might have been improvised and off beat, because the MP3 to BPM converter was saying it was three different BPM’s with 3 different audio files. 100. 102. 117. The song was Shanghai Teahouse, Chinese Tea. The intro, simple, it was 172-173 BPM because it might have been played in triplets. Because it wasn’t syncing on the other two BPM’s. Then I got to the part where the electric guitars start, and here it went okay, then it went straight to shit. I have no clue what happened, but the notes went from being in sync, to being un synced. I literally have no clue what has happened, so at this point, this is a failed tab which I’m never going to touch again until this fucking MP3 to BPM website will give me a proper BPM. Though it’s impressive, it’s obviously not tested. And this is why. My tab I just completed, got given a BPM. The BPM was 125. So I tried that, the song had some weird timings, and I noticed that the beats weren’t in line with the audio. So I tried writing the tab differently, only at the beginning, then I decided to try the audio again. BUT, upload a shortened version… it gave me the right BPM. It was 140. LIKE, HOLY FUCK, WHAT? HOW DOES THAT WORK? I’m so pissed! I tried that with Chinese Tea… but why when I used this converter before did it give me the right BPM every time and only these songs it fucked up on? Anyway, I’m trying a 3rd tab now, I might update you in a comment under this status, if I don’t. It means things have gone well.

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